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    Columbus Dispatch articles find Ohio law makes it difficult to hold a mentally deficient criminal suspect, even when there is evidence that the suspect continues to be a danger to society; mentally ill found incompetent to stand trial for homicide are allowed to walk the streets, May 1982.
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    Reason article finds National Aeronautics and Space Administration continued a program--Extraterrestrial Intelligence Research--that had been vetoed by Congress by hiding it under another name in its budget, August 1981.
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    Consumer Interpol Focus reports on industrial accidents in the Third World; suggests the disaster at Bhopal may not be an isolated incident, June 1985.
  • Independent Product Testers Lie to FDA, EPA

    Sacramento Bee articles uncover fraud in the government's regulatory apparatus involving independent testing firms for drugs, chemicals and pesticides; focuses on Industrial Bio-Test Laboratories, whose officials were convicted of fabricating product tests; asks how many tests on file with the FDA, EPA are invalid.
  • A Publicized Murder Trial, Three Years Later

    Valley Advocate (Springfield, Mass.) reexamines a murder trial three and a half years later and discovers pre-trial bias and witnesses who say the accused was nowhere near the murder.
  • Contractors Dumping Industrial Waste

    Dickson Herald discovers four sites where contractors had illegally dumped industrial waste.
  • Trial and Error

    Wall Street Journal describes several court cases where a juror later recants; also cites a case where the jury made a procedural mistake resulting in a verdict of voluntary manslaughter when they thought they had voted for justifiable homicide; no remedies seem to exist for such errors or changes of opinion.
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    Sacramento Bee details problems inside the county's maximum-security, pre-trial jail; finds it is overcrowded, and under-trained deputies use excessive force on inmates, Nov. 10-11, 1985.
  • Presser & Williams Coverage

    Chicago Tribune publishes details about Jackie Presser, president of the Teamsters Union, and his involvement in the bribery trial of Roy Williams, his predecessor; the FBI attempted to thwart a Labor Department investigation of Presser to protect his role as government informant, July-November 1985.
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    Honolulu Advertiser outlines reasons behind the failure of seven industrial-loan companies in Hawaii; finds insider abuses, regulation ineffective even though the regulators knew the companies were having problems, ties between the businesses and state government and a loss of at least $60 million of tax money.