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    Milwaukee Journal reports that health-threatening levels of lead have been found in Milwaukee and its suburbs in tests of soil and water; series examines how the poison got there, what the dangers are and what can be done, June-December 1987.
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    Wall Street Journal investigates the dealings of a West German company that sells heavy water, used in producing plutonium; finds the company is delivering the heavy water to India, South Africa, Israel, Pakistan, and Argentina, violating the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Jan. 3, 1989.
  • "Inside Bridgewater"

    WCVB-TV (Boston) gets access to the Massachusetts State Hospital for the Criminally Insane after the deaths of five patients in six months; finds facility understaffed, underfunded and mismanaged, neglecting patients' treatment needs, Sept. 28-Oct. 2, 1987.

    KGUN-TV (Tucson) looks into allegations of mismanagement at Tucson Veterans Administration Hospital's dialysis unit, where one patient died and others became ill, possibly from contaminated water in the system, 1987.
  • Pesticides

    ABC News report on pesticides finds while almost half of all Americans get their drinking water from wells, little is known about the health risks of the increasing quantities of pesticide residue turning up in those wells, June 23, 1987.
  • Mismanagement at Water Board creates deficit of $2.3 million

    Providence (R.I.) Journal-Bulletin discovers mismanagement at the Providence Water Supply Board; uncollected bills dating back to 1980 had the Water Board in a cumulative deficit of $2.3 million, Nov. 6, 1988.
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    Roanoke (Va.) Times & World-News looks at the problem of contamination of ground water in western Virginia from old industrial waste dumps, leaking underground gas tanks and failing septic systems, Feb. 21, 1987.
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    The Citizen (Auburn, N.Y.) article reveals the county Democratic Party chairman worked for a local pipe supply company that did business with the city while he was working for the city water department, Oct. 11, 1987.
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    Kansas City Times publishes a special report on water pollution, focusing on the dilemmas of small towns and individual families whose chemical use is part of their livelihood, September 1986.
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    The Progressive investigates illegal discharges of carcinogenic chemicals into public waters at Oklahoma City's Tinker Air Force Base, December 1986.