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    Newsday (Long Island, N.Y.) publishes extensive series on ties between organized crime and New York city government; city commonly does business with companies with mob ties; for instance, city pays the highest price in the nation for concrete for water tunnel project from a firm currently under indictment, 1985-1986.
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    Wichita (Kan.) Eagle-Beacon runs series on the health and environmental problems found in the Tri-State Mining District in southeastern Kansas; mining companies moved on when the lead and zinc dried up, leaving behind scarred land and contaminated water, April 27-30, 1986.
  • Watergate - The Greek Connection

    The Nation puts forth a new theory on the motive behind the Watergate break-in; this theory involves illegal campaign contributions from a Greek-American tycoon who was rewarded with lucrative government favors and contracts, May 31, 1986.
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    San Francisco Bay Guardian finds that despite the "Save The Bay" movement, San Francisco Bay is dying; problems include seafood contamination from toxic chemicals, pollution caused by development, and undrinkable water, Jan. 22-29, 1986.
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    Columbia Missourian series examines chemical exposure of workers at the University of Missouri and the city's wastewater treatment and power plants and efforts being made to protect workers in an era of increasing chemical exposure, July 8-10, 1985.
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    Texas Monthly article details the exploits of a big-league con artist who claims his "chemical reactor block" can change water into fuel, September 1983.
  • Trouble at the Waterworks: Too dirty to drink, too costly to clean

    The Progressive looks at the 30,000 small water systems nationwide that serve fewer than 3,300 customers each; finds most of these small, rural water systems cannot afford to purchase water-treatment equipment needed for their water to meet new federal regulations; suggests small water systems will either have to significantly raise their rates or ignore the new regulations enacted in 1986 as amendments to the Safe Drinking Water Act.
  • Toxic Legacy

    KMSP-TV (Minneapolis) looks at the disposal of toxic and radioactive wastes from an army munitions plant and how they eventually found their way into area drinking water, Oct. 15-17, 1985.
  • The Slave Ships of the Sulu Sea

    ABC News 20/20 documents the enslavement of Filipino children by fishing boat captains; the children perform dangerous underwater tasks and the Philippine government does little to stop it, Oct. 31, 1985.
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    KPIX-TV (San Francisco) airs series on dangerous levels of lead in San Francisco water and the water department's failure to test for a dangerous parasite despite having reason to believe it might have contaminated the water supply, Nov. 2-4, 1981. (script only)