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  • (Untitled)

    Texas Monthly article details the exploits of a big-league con artist who claims his "chemical reactor block" can change water into fuel, September 1983.
  • Trouble at the Waterworks: Too dirty to drink, too costly to clean

    The Progressive looks at the 30,000 small water systems nationwide that serve fewer than 3,300 customers each; finds most of these small, rural water systems cannot afford to purchase water-treatment equipment needed for their water to meet new federal regulations; suggests small water systems will either have to significantly raise their rates or ignore the new regulations enacted in 1986 as amendments to the Safe Drinking Water Act.
  • Toxic Legacy

    KMSP-TV (Minneapolis) looks at the disposal of toxic and radioactive wastes from an army munitions plant and how they eventually found their way into area drinking water, Oct. 15-17, 1985.
  • The Slave Ships of the Sulu Sea

    ABC News 20/20 documents the enslavement of Filipino children by fishing boat captains; the children perform dangerous underwater tasks and the Philippine government does little to stop it, Oct. 31, 1985.
  • (Untitled)

    KPIX-TV (San Francisco) airs series on dangerous levels of lead in San Francisco water and the water department's failure to test for a dangerous parasite despite having reason to believe it might have contaminated the water supply, Nov. 2-4, 1981. (script only)
  • Central States Waterproofing

    WCCO-TV (Minneapolis) airs series on a company that uses phony inspections and false claims to convince people that the basements of their homes need expensive waterproofing and then applies a phony treatment at ridiculously expensive prices, Nov. 9 - 13, 1981.
  • Muddy Waters Run Deep

    WTAJ-TV (Altoona, Pa.) shows conflicts of interests mar flood recovery program of that devastated community; five members of city's redevelopment authority are suspended for misappropriation of funds, May 1982.
  • Watergate: An Untold Story

    ABC News 20/20 interviews key members of the Watergate trial grand jury 10 years later; despite a straw vote in which 19 people unanimously voted for an indictment of Richard Nixon, he was not: includes interviews with Leon Jaworski, the special prosecutor who opposed a Nixon indictment, and Judge John Sirica, who believes Nixon should have been indicted, June 17, 1982.

    KYTV-TV (Springfield, Mo.) series exposes plans by Arkansas's Department of Pollution Control and Ecology to lower what environmentalists call one of the state's most critical water pollution standards, Nov. 25-27, 1981. TAPE
  • Toxic Time Bomb

    WCBS-TV (New York) reports that chemical dumpers, many of whom have previously been sentenced to jail and fined for illegal activities, continue to pollute New Jersey's water supply, 1979. Tape