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    New York Times articles find a Connecticut company intentionally and secretly deposited vast amounts of dangerous chemicals over a period of years into Waterbury's water and soil, October 1982.
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    San Francisco Bay Guardian details how reports of California's water shortage crisis are misleading; finds the state has plenty of water, but it's being badly mismanaged; while urban consumers are forced to cut back on water use, large agricultural companies get lots of water and waste much of it, Sept. 7, 1988.
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    Des Moines Register study of impact of agriculture on the environment indicates that ecological crisis may be brewing; one of the leading causes of water pollution, agriculture is destroying much of U.S. soil, September 1978.
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    California Journal runs article on political battles over agricultural pesticides and their effect on California drinking water, May 1983.
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    Kansas City Times series, "The Next American Crisis," looks at chaotic management of water in the United States, May 1981.
  • Monsanto's Bottomless Pits

    Springfield (Mass.) Valley Advocate runs article on continuing contamination of groundwater and the Connecticut River as a result of Monsanto's dumping of chemical wastes. (Supplement: Contamination of Ground Water by Toxic Organic Chemicals--Council on Environmental Quality, January 1981.)
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    Courier-Journal (Louisville) runs series on the failure of the city's Metropolitan Sewer District to prevent industry from pouring waste water containing toxic metals at levels far greater than its regulations allow into sewers, August 1981.
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    National Journal says despite mounting water management problems, waste and population shifts, a policy vacuum continues at the federal and state levels.
  • Pollution of South Florida Drinking Water

    Fort Lauderdale News and Sun-Sentinel looks at pollution of South Florida's drinking water.
  • Bechtel's $45 Million Screw Job

    A four-month SFBG investigation concluded that the city of San Francisco is wasting money on a contract with Bechtel Infrastructure Corporation to help manage reconstruction of the city's water system. The story looks at the problems of privatization.