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  • Dairy farm subsidy program woes

    Atlantic Monthly publishes article on dairy farm subsidy program woes.
  • The Arizona Project

    IRE Arizona Project follows the trail of Arizona Republic reporter Don Bolles' murder and discovers a ubiquitous network of organized crime tainting nearly every aspect of Arizona government and business, including the judiciary, real estate and public works; reveals lively underworld of drug smuggling, gambling and prostitution; investigation yields first documented connection between major heroin producer and organized crime figure. (Supplement: conference, 1985.)
  • Roofing rip-off

    Charleston (W.Va.) Gazette reports on roofing rip-off.
  • Refuse collection abuse

    The Sun (Baltimore) does investigation of refuse collection abuse.
  • High accident rate among ambulance drivers

    Fort Lauderdale News and Sun-Sentinel series shows high accident rate among ambulance drivers in city.
  • Inflated cost of repairs of public vehicles

    Newport News (Va.) Daily Press finds cost of repairs of public vehicles inflated in that city.
  • Til Death Do Us Part

    New Times reporters detailed "the police investigation and subsequent arrest of Phoenix-area businessman Brian Eftenoff, who stands accused of second-degree murder. In this highly unusual case, prosecutors have alleged that Mr. Eftenoff forced cocaine down his wife's throat after beating her, which allegedly induced a fatal stroke."
  • Beaver Valley 1: A Troubled Giant

    Beaver County Times series shows that a nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania is worse than all others but one in terms of safety.
  • Detroit museum lends art to public officials for years

    Detroit Free Press series shows Detroit museum lends art to public officials for years, making it unavailable to the public; some art works are deteriorating.
  • The Fireman's Shadow

    Cleveland Magazine reports on the story of Thomas McCarthy- an all-American fire fighter and family man who was secretly a sex criminal. After being caught in a woman's home and linked to an additional rape, police searches in McCarthy's home, van and work locker found "condoms, rope, binoculars, and the names of 1,266 women." Despite the allegations, friends and family were shocked. 'He was the nicest guy you'd ever want to meet in your life . . .There was never a doubt in my mind about Tommy.' Sex-crimes profiler Roy Hazelwood says that many serial rapists fit many common statistics. "About 70 percent are married . . . and most sexually related ritualistic crimes are committed by while males of European descent." Throughout the article, Hazelwood explains his findings on sex criminals and the motives of serial rapists. In addition, he links these conclusions to comments and questions raised by friends of McCarthy.