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  • Judges rubber-stamp no-knocks: Easy approval among flaws in process, records show

    An investigation by the Denver Post revealed that no-knock search warrants are so routinely approved that Denver judges issue them even when police ask for regular warrants. "In fact, The Denver Post has found, more than one of every 10 no-knock warrants issued over the past seven months was transformed from a regular warrant with just a judges signature."
  • Misappropriation of public money in Florida housing authority

    Clearwater Sun reports on misappropriation of public money in Florida housing authority.
  • Terry Hartwick: A mayor under fire

    Arkansas Democrat-Gazette investigates North Little Rock mayor and uncovers favoritism in awarding contracts, conflicts of interest, and a close personal relationship with a young University of Arkansas majorette, January-May 1987.
  • Bad cops in Miami stealing from drug dealers

    Orlando Sentinel article uses court records, interviews, to show how bad cops in Miami were stealing drugs and money from drug dealers.
  • Failure Factories

    On Dec. 18, 2007, the Pinellas County School Board abandoned integration. They justified the vote with bold promises: Schools in poor, black neighborhoods would get more money, more staff, more resources. They delivered none of that. This is the story of how district leaders turned five once-average schools into Failure Factories.
  • Detroit's delinquent taxpayers

    Detroit Free Press shows Detroit's delinquent taxpayers lose homes for as little as $18 in back taxes.
  • Firm with city contract was improperly impounding automobiles

    Detroit Free Press shows that the firm with the city contract for towing vehicles was improperly impounding automobiles.
  • The Fireman's Shadow

    Cleveland Magazine reports on the story of Thomas McCarthy- an all-American fire fighter and family man who was secretly a sex criminal. After being caught in a woman's home and linked to an additional rape, police searches in McCarthy's home, van and work locker found "condoms, rope, binoculars, and the names of 1,266 women." Despite the allegations, friends and family were shocked. 'He was the nicest guy you'd ever want to meet in your life . . .There was never a doubt in my mind about Tommy.' Sex-crimes profiler Roy Hazelwood says that many serial rapists fit many common statistics. "About 70 percent are married . . . and most sexually related ritualistic crimes are committed by while males of European descent." Throughout the article, Hazelwood explains his findings on sex criminals and the motives of serial rapists. In addition, he links these conclusions to comments and questions raised by friends of McCarthy.
  • The Coal Connection

    Kentucky Post (Covington) series investigates the murder of an international coal company president with ties to organized crime figures. The series details his illicit campaign contributions to Reagan's presidential race in 1976 and also examines his firm's history of swindles and scams. The 20-month investigation relied on FBI, Securities and Exchange Commission and Bureau of Prisons documents.
  • A Prayer for Tina Marie

    GQ Magazine reports on Tina Marie Cornelius, "who will serve a lifetime in a Texas prison for the unthinkable crime she committed on the night of April 14, 1999." Cornelius kissed her 3 year-old daughter and 2 year-old son, told them she loved them and then threw them off a limestone ridge into a creek below. "Over the course of the next five days, she was dancing for tips with her clothes off, smoking pot at a reggae festival, dining at a yacht club, snorting speed and sleeping with three different men." Through an interview with Cornelius, the article reveals her rampant lifestyle and reports on the aftermath of killing her children- living out her days as inmate number 905058.