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IRE22 Expected Sessions

Expected Sessions for in-person attendees

Here's a look at some of the sessions we're planning for #IRE22 in Denver. Please note that these in-person sessions are preliminary and subject to change. 

We'll be highlighting the sessions that will be available to virtual attendees in the coming days. 


  • 7 things you didn’t know about getting documents and records
  • Key records to get for your campus investigation
  • Documents and data you can investigate inequity in K-12 education
  • Advanced techniques to get records before you retire
  • 50 records to request right now
  • No one uses email anymore
  • Court records are filled with untold stories: A PACER deep dive
  • Biggest hurdles to accessing state and local public records


  • Tracking dark money in the midterm elections
  • Watchdogging congressional slush funds
  • Investigating threats against poll workers and election officials
  • Investigating congressional financial disclosures and stock trading
  • Tracking online political ads


  • Investigating the racist past of your news organization
  • Investigating the racist past of your school or university
  • Reporting on the homicides of Black women and girls
  • Words matter: Beware harmful language in your writing
  • Investigating inequality on any beat
  • Using the Real Housewives franchise as a device to explore interviewing and bias
  • Equitably covering people with disabilities
  • Building and maintaining a source diversity tracker
  • Exposing inequities in housing
  • Hidden costs and racial inequality in economic development
  • Public records for justice


  • Project management that works for reporters AND editors
  • Teaching your team to manage blowback
  • Creating successful newsroom collaborations
  • How to be edited
  • How To build (or rebuild) an investigative/data team
  • Newsroom lessons from The Great Resignation
  • Pre-publication red flags for editors


  • Investigating safety problems at private companies
  • Piercing the veil: Reporting on businesses that want nothing to do with you
  • Hidden costs and racial inequality in economic development


  • Cross-border collaborations in the Middle East and North Africa
  • Investigating the new organized crime
  • Investigating the rise of globally connected white supremacy
  • Dirty money, European banks and Russian organized crime
  • Investigating international corporate secrecy


  • Cracking open statehouses
  • Covering public lands issues
  • Breaking through the Green Wall: Investigating Customs and Border Protection
  • Decoding the police narrative
  • Hot topics to investigate on the energy beat
  • Data and investigations on the wildfire beat
  • Tracking defense industry influence, revolving door lobbyists and foreign lobbying
  • Investigating Title IX issues
  • Investigating judicial corruption 
  • Investigating police misconduct
  • Exposing inequities in housing
  • Accountability journalism on the environment beat
  • Getting your weed investigation green-lit
  • It's not just Tuskegee: Investigating stories on race and health
  • Accountability in gun reporting
  • Uncovering inequities in education and obstacles to student achievement
  • Redefining remediation: New approaches for students who start college behind
  • Sports investigations
  • Exposing health threats at home, at work and all around us
  • Reporting on airstrikes and secret sources


  • How to transition from daily reporting to writing a book
  • Breaking into investigative reporting
  • The first hours of breaking news
  • Covering trauma
  • Combating misinformation
  • Using narrative writing in your investigative journalism
  • Building trust in how investigative journalism works
  • Accountability through solutions journalism
  • Interviewing vulnerable sources
  • A year in local investigations: Watchdog stories ideas
  • Career roundtable
  • Making your story ironclad
  • Storyboarding your investigation
  • Under pressure: Real-life breaking news in real-time
  • So you want to use 2020 Census data?
  • Student collaborations with media organizations
  • Visual fact-checking strategies
  • How to find the best investigative story ideas and pitch them successfully
  • The art of long-form audio narrative
  • Finding, cultivating and protecting sources
  • Using forensic genealogy techniques in your investigation
  • Rocky Mountain (research) High
  • Building and maintaining a source diversity tracker


  • My favorite digital journalism tools
  • How to get your reporting project funded
  • Finding legal cover as an investigative freelancer
  • Show-and-tell session for how legal support helped make a story possible
  • Q&A sessions: “Know Your Rights”
  • How to pull off a cross-platform data partnership with (relative) ease
  • Freelancer secrets: How to be get paid for doing good investigative work


  • How to manage the stress and trauma of being a journalist
  • Do you qualify as an ally?
  • Having courageous conversations 


  • Going long (form)
  • How to get people to talk 
  • Investigating breaking news
  • Anatomy of an Investigation
  • Dynamic Duo: What did we do right? What did we do wrong?
  • The visual perspective
  • Building the investigative powerhouse
  • Covering our communities
  • 10 most important lessons
  • Juggling investigations and GA
  • Getting inside
  • Art of accountability
  • 60 ideas in 60 minutes
  • Sources - how to get ’em, how to keep ’em
  • Lightning talks
  • Investigative scripts that sing
  • Consumer investigations

MASTER CLASSES (pre-registration required)

Registration coming soon!

  • Outlining and structure: The writer's missing manual
  • Preparing for the tough interview by roleplaying in the newsroom
  • Interviewing (broadcast)
  • Writing the narrative

HANDS-ON DATA WORKSHOPS (pre-registration required)

Registration coming soon!

  • Digging into data for stories: A crash course in Excel 
  • Interviewing your data with SQL
  • Interviewing your data with R
  • Interviewing your data with Python


  • Making the most of your search on
  • Free online tools to extract data from PDFs
  • A pragmatic reporter's approach to data analysis
  • Excel 1: Getting started with spreadsheets
  • Excel 2: Formulas & sorting
  • Excel 3: Filtering & pivot tables
  • Excel: Importing & data prep
  • Excel magic
  • R 101: The fundamentals
  • R: Data analysis and (a tiny bit of) stats
  • Python 101: The fundamentals
  • Python: Let's scrape a website
  • Google Sheets: Scraping without coding
  • Finding the story: Campaign finance
  • Finding the story: Disaster data
  • Finding the story: Climate data
  • Finding the story: Cannabis sales
  • Finding the story: Immigration
  • Simple mapping with Google MyMaps
  • From Excel to DataWrapper
  • Data visualization and storytelling with Flourish
  • Excel for investigating business and finance
  • DIY Database: The joys and hazards of building it from scratch
  • Cleaning data with OpenRefine


  • Educators
  • Students
  • LGBTQ+ journalists
  • Journalists of color
  • Freelancers
  • International journalists
  • Early career
  • Mid-career
  • Veteran career
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