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IRE24 Expected Sessions

Here's a look at some of the sessions we're planning for #IRE24 in Anaheim. 

Please note that this list is preliminary and subject to change. For questions about this list or the conference in general, email

Public records

  • Tools for FOIA and large project organization
  • Unsung documents
  • Data and records to requests on the education beat (K12-higher ed)
  • Go FOIA yourself
  • 50 FOIAs in 50 minutes
  • Archives in support of investigations
  • When data is not available
  • Uncovering secret Canada: How our FOI and transparency project has made public records more accessible


  • Covering elections by putting the community first
  • Legal resources for reporters covering campaigns and elections
  • Lessons learned from the best election investigations around the world
  • Best practices on navigating disinformation and online abuse in an election year
  • Using the U.S. Press Freedom Tracker to understand historical issues for journalists reporting on elections
  • Using public records to investigate political candidates for the 2024 election
  • Finding the story: Campaign finance data
  • Finding the story: Tracking gerrymandering


  • How to report on AI copyright cases
  • AI and automation for the local beat
  • Responsible AI use in newsroom: Designing your newsroom's AI strategy
  • How to deal with AI audio deepfakes in election campaigns


  • Leadership: Trauma and toxicity in the newsrooms
  • Vetting investigations to reduce legal risk
  • Navigating press freedom: A conversation about journalists' safety
  • Starting an investigative unit at smaller news organizations
  • Engagement experiments for investigations

Equitable news gathering and reporting, exposing systemic inequities

  • Ethics of reporting in Indigenous communities
  • Authenticity in investigations: Covering your own communities
  • How to earn trust to build audiences from communities we've failed
  • Why do U.S. newsrooms hire so few investigative reporters of color?
  • How to make investigative reporting about non-English speaking communities more accessible to them
  • Examining how we can be less polarizing in how we write
  • Covering the local gender & reproductive beat
  • The gender-targeted disinformation machine
  • Race and reproductive justice reporting
  • Diving into historical displacement and denial of housing rights within communities of color
  • Women and people of color navigating white newsrooms
  • Facts, fallacies and frames: getting trans issues right in the 2024 elections
  • Enforcement and consequences: Following anti-trans policies through courts, schools, and state departments
  • Following the money: Investigating the groups organizing anti-trans action
  • Key takeaways for education reporters: Connecting anti-“Critical Race Theory” and anti-trans policy work in public schools


  • Digging into corporate behavior: Tracking and reporting on business influence
  • The art of business investigations


  • How to build inclusive global collaborative investigations
  • 10 international financial crimes journalists should understand
  • A world of possibilities: Lassoing satellite data for global and local investigations
  • How journalists are using investigative tools in perilous press environments
  • The year in international investigations

Broadcast TV

  • Fighting for time: How to make the most of your best investigations.
  • The art of the interview
  • The 10 most important lessons I've learned
  • Juggling investigations and GA
  • 60 ideas in 60 minutes
  • Investigating breaking news
  • Anatomy of an investigation
  • Collaborations: Teamwork makes the dream work
  • From boring to blockbuster - Tricks and tools to make your investigative stories sing
  • Making data and documents come alive on screen
  • Meeting viewers where they are: Investigations in the age of TikTok
  • Wrangling the big story
  • Making the Jump: How to get the investigative title - or do the job without one!
  • Digging for data where none exists
  • Sources: How to get ‘em, how to keep ‘em
  • Make me care! Writing scripts that hook viewers and keep them invested
  • Working for you and on your side: Consumer investigations

On the beat

  • Investigating local hospitals
  • Reporting on the judiciary
  • Investigating sexual abuse in public schools
  • Investigating health insurance
  • Lifting the curtain on the child welfare system
  • Investigating sheriffs
  • Investigating hate crimes and bias incidents
  • Investigating climate change
  • Covering public stadium boondoggles
  • Investigating trash
  • Accessing courts in high-profile cases
  • Investigating scams
  • How does your state stack up when it comes to protecting student athletes?
  • Digging into 990s
  • What to cover in education (K12 and higher ed)
  • Don't get played: How to investigate gambling
  • Reporting on coordinated rightwing extremism
  • Investigating unemployment
  • How to report on what goes on in prisons and jails
  • Investigating toxic chemicals
  • State government reporting that matters
  • Investigating academic research
  • Top 10 stories in religion you should be following
  • Investigating campus sexual assault
  • Investigating scientific issues
  • How to look at the news through a military lens

Reporting and writing strategies

  • The art of interviewing
  • Working with whistleblowers
  • 36 chapters and no nut graph: A case study in merging investigative and narrative
  • Building better sourcing
  • How to background people in an hour
  • How to perfect your pitch
  • How to project manage like a duck: A guide for reporters and editors
  • Sleeping Well: How investigative journalists can bulletproof even the most sensitive and complicated stories.

Other sessions include:

  • Unionizing your newsroom
  • Local investigations with big impact
  • How to develop, pitch, and write books based on your investigative reporting.
  • Finding the right solutions angle for your investigation
  • How to turn your investigation story into beautiful audio narrative
  • Beginning your investigative career 
  • Redefining investigative photojournalism
  • How to plan and build impact around your investigation
  • Learn from the (other) investigators
  • What to do when you become the story
  • How to get funding for investigative projects
  • How to help your audience avoid news fatigue
  • Using Crosstown to harness big datasets to aid in daily reporting

Data classes

  • An introduction to teaching data journalism
  • Finding Stories in IRS Filings
  • Unlocking for your news stories
  • Finding the story: Seeing the students beyond the scores
  • OSINT visual investigations
  • Cleaning and extracting data: 30 tips in 60 minutes
  • Finding the story: Investigating our nation's statehouses
  • Go dox yourself
  • Tips and tricks for making Census data more accessible
  • Google Sheets 1: Getting started with spreadsheets
  • Excel 1: Getting started with spreadsheets
  • Google Sheets 2: Formulas & sorting
  • Excel 2: Formulas & sorting
  • Google Sheets 3: Filtering & pivot tables
  • Excel 3: Filtering & pivot tables
  • Web scraping with Python
  • R 1: Intro to R and RStudio
  • R 2: Data analysis and plotting
  • R 3: Gathering and cleaning data
  • Web scraping with R
  • Data analysis with Python
  • SQL 1
  • SQL 2
  • SQL 3
  • Extracting data from PDFs
  • Should I learn to code?
  • An introduction to mapping with QGIS
  • Finding the story: Crime stats
  • Using OpenRefine, a power tool for cleaning data
  • Data visualization and storytelling with Datawrapper
  • Finding the story: Sports data
  • Finding the story: Climate data
  • Finding the immigration story beyond the headlines
  • Finding the story: Housing data
  • Finding the story: Natural disaster data
  • Digital security clinic


  • Journalists of color
  • LGBTQIA+ journalists
  • Students
  • Educators
  • Women
  • Freelancers
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