Extra Extra : January 2011

Decade-long gun ban in Virginia saw results

In light of the recent shooing in Tucson, David S. Fallis and James V. Grimaldi of the Washington Post investigate the 10-year federal ban on assault weapons with "high-capacity magazines" in Virginia. The ban ended in 2004 with the lowest rate the state has seen, however; the rate has increased each year since. Congress is considering reissuing the ban, which is strongly opposed by gun rights advocates.

No regulation in place to restrict passengers from training flights

Last November, four people were killed in an FIT plane crash. An investigation by Florida Today reporters Mackenzie Ryan and Michelle Spitzer revealed that there is no federal regulation in place to restrict passengers on training flights. Although data shows that passengers on these flights is rare, friends and family of those killed call for stricter policy changes.

Release of British jihadist jailed in connection with Daniel Pearl's murder probable

A recent investigation in the murder of American journalist Daniel Pearl, reveals that a British jihadist who was jailed in connection with Pearl's murder is "likely to be released" because of tainted evidence used by Pakistani officials. A group of American journalists collected the report that suggests Pakistani prosecutes used "concocted evidence" to prove the Briton was involved in the murder.

New details emerge on the kidnapping and murder of Daniel Pearl

Former reporter for the Wall Street Journal, Asra Q. Nomani, and Georgetown University Journalism Director Barbara Feinman Todd led a team of 32 students in investigating the kidnapping and murder of Daniel Pearl that occurred in 2002. The three-year investigation, broken down into 11 parts, reveals new information and details about the 27 men who are linked to Pearl's death.

Debt collection software for Sacramento County millions over budget

Reporter's investigation implicates man in civil rights murder cold case

The work of reporter Stanley Nelson, of the Concordia (La.) Sentinel, has implicated a man in the unsolved 1964 civil rights murder of Frank Morris. Interviews with three people linked a Richland Parish truck driver to the arson that killed Morris. "The three people, all of them now or previously related to the truck driver, identified him as Arthur Leonard Spencer, 71, of Rayville. They say Spencer was part of a Klan hit squad assigned to ride into Ferriday to torch Morris' shoe shop during the early morning hours of Dec. 10, 1964."

Investigative reporter Dusty McNichol dies at 54

Long-time IRE member Dunstan "Dusty" McNichol died unexpectedly Tuesday. He was 54. McNichol, who contributed to the IRE Journal and spoke at IRE Conferences, was an active member of IRE since 1998. McNichol  covered the New Jersey Statehouse for 10 years for the Star-Ledger "and was part of the team that won a Pulitzer Prize in 2005 for the newspaper’s coverage of (then-New Jersey Gov. Jim) McGreevey’s resignation. In 2009, Mr. McNichol joined Bloomberg News and its Trenton-based State Government and Local Finance Team."

Investigation shows discrepancy in crime reporting by Nashville police

WTVF-TV in Nashville culminated a year-long focus on the "Truth About Crime" with a one-hour documentary that revealed efforts by Metro Nashville police to spin their crime statistics.  The investigation, involving the entire "NewsChannel 5 Investigates" team, exposed discrepancies between what police told the public and what they told the FBI and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.  It revealed questionable claims about the number of crimes solved by detectives — numbers that, one national expert said, showed signs that they were "fudging the stats."  As the investigation continued, the WTVF team found burglaries being disguised as "vandalism" and rapes being hidden ... Read more ...