Extra Extra : Homeland Security

A look at one of the nation's largest immigration facilities

"Reporters Lewis Kamb of The (Tacoma) News Tribune and Carol Smith of InvestigateWest collaborated on a five-part series that examines immigration issues in the Northwest, and how one of the nation's largest immigration detention facilities got built in Tacoma, next to a Superfund site, and within a volcanic hazards area and tsunami inundation zone."

NYPD using counterterrorism tactics on lawful citizens

Documents further confirm surveillance of Muslim-Americans

To escape U.S. justice, just flee the country

"Chicago Tribune reporters found eight Chicago-area fugitives during an 18-day trip to Mexico -- five wanted for murder, two for raping or molesting children and one for shooting a man. Growing numbers of criminal suspects flee the U.S. each year to evade trial for murder, rape and other serious felonies. Breakdowns in the criminal justice system allow the suspects to escape, then cripple efforts to bring them to justice, the Tribune found in an investigation based on new Justice Department data as well as sealed warrants and other government records on 129 border-crossing fugitives from northern Illinois."

Undercover police in UK give false identities in court

In a report by The Guardian, it has been revealed that a covert unit of Scotland Yard has been posing as activists and taking part in various protest groups. Even after being arrested and prosecuted, the undercover officers maintained their false identity as an activist while under oath.

“Revelations about the deployment of police spies in protest groups have provoked controversy this year, but the latest allegations may be the most damaging. Police chiefs now stand accused of authorising their undercover officers to give false identities in a deliberate manipulation of the legal system.”

FBI to agents: “Mainstream” Muslims are “terrorists in waiting”

Spencer Ackerman, of WIRED.com Danger Room, has acquired dozens of FBI training materials on counter terrorism and Islam. The training material argues that it does not matter whether or not American Muslims are law abiding citizens, “the Islamic “insurgency” is all-encompassing and insidious. In addition to outright combat, its “techniques” include “immigration” and “law suits.” So if a Muslim wishes to become an American or sues the FBI for harassment, it’s all just part of the jihad.” The documents claim (using DocumentCloud) that “Islam ‘transforms [a] country’s culture into 7th-century Arabian ways.’”’

When Ackerman pressed the FBI ...

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Workforce employees create list of illegal immigrants

The foggy 13-year hunt for Osama bin Laden.

Lax oversight in the Salt Lake City FBI office could be detrimental to national security.

The New Mafia

The Daily investigates the increasing number of Mexican drug cartels in American suburbs. The team was led by reporter Josh Bernstein and "spent six months traveling" through Mexico to document how the "drug cartels are becoming 'The New Mafia' in America." Smugglers bring illegal immigrants into the country and hold them in "drop houses," which are located in higher end neighborhoods. "Law enforcement agencies from Texas to Northern California report being overwhelmed by the surge of violence." The print version of the investigative series is also accompanied by extensive video reporting.