On the Road : August 2011

Covering Hurricane Irene: The next few days and beyond

By Kyle Deas
Graduate student, University of Missouri

It’s looking increasingly likely that Hurricane Irene will wreak havoc up and down the Eastern seaboard this weekend. As the storm gathers strength and speed, you may be wondering how to cover its landing and the aftermath.

This past week, after an earthquake hit Virginia, we published a blog post called “Breaking New Tips: Resources to cover earthquakes, other natural disasters.” Some of the resources listed in that post were specific to earthquakes, but many also apply to covering hurricanes, including:

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Breaking News Tips: Resources to cover earthquakes, other natural disasters

IRE is collecting resources for journalist who are covering today’s earthquake, which affected large portions of the Eastern Seaboard. Share ideas with us at tips@ire.org or send us a note on Twitter or Facebook.

Story suggestions:

  • Request your community’s emergency/disaster plans. After the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, many areas beefed up their disaster response plans. Were those procedures followed?

Online Resources:

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