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Number 10667
Subject Politics
Source Washington Post
State None
Year 1994
Publication Date None
Summary The Washington Post investigates issues relating to the Whitewater scandal, including the illegal billing practices if associate attorney general Webster Hubbell at the Rose law firm, the irregularity of discussions betwen White House officials and Treasury Department, the possible diversion of funds from Arkansas financial institutions to Clinton's gubernatorial campaigns and a full account of how Clinton sexually harassed a state employee. Some of the immediate results of the stories included the resignation of Bernard Nussbaum, the White House Counsel and congressional hearings that led to the resignation of Roger Altman and Jean hanson, officials in the Treasury Department, Mar. 2 - Dec. 8, 1994.
Category None
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Keywords DC Schmidt Devroy Shepard Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan Hilary Clinton Campaign records Criminal and civil investigations RTC 31 Pages
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