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Vaccine Dangers

Number 21204
Subject Military
Source CBS News
State NY
Year 2003
Publication Date May 7, 2003; June 20, 2003; August 21, 2003; October 10, 2003; November 19, 2003
Summary The news team found risks had been concealed from people asked to take the smallpox vaccines. They also expose the military's refusal to admit its vaccines are harming some soldiers; soldiers who are often dismissed and treated like "malingerers." They focused on the case of Rachael Lacy. The military denied her death was from the vaccines it administered but the news team found her death certificate showed otherwise. They also looked at the case of NBC War Correspondent David Bloom who died after his vaccinations. His case was not reported or investigated as a possible vaccine adverse event. They also looked at a Journal of the American Medical Association claiming there had been "no" deaths after smallpox vaccinations.
Category Contest Entry
Pages 14
Keywords TAPE;military;smallpox;vaccine;medical records;death;death certificate;military casualty record;inoculation;blood clots;Anthrax;pulmonary nodules;Food and Drug Administration;Defense Department;bio-terror attack;Rachael Lacy;David Bloom;immune system
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