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Building a Life, Paycheck to Paycheck

Number 21843
Subject Poverty
Source The Oklahoman (Oklahoma City, OK)
State OK
Year 2004
Publication Date Dec. 12-18
Summary In this seven-day series, reporters at The Oklahoman look at the sources of poverty, unemployment, and the lasting effects on Oklahoma residents. This in-depth investigation not only identifies some of the major causes of unemployment in the state, but also puts a face on the working poor, highlighting four Oklahoma residents who struggle to make it. According to the series, a major source of unemployment came from a shift from manufacturing to service jobs. As a result of the stories, there was outpour of help in the community as well as a community forum for residents to share ideas and experiences.
Category General
Pages 34
Keywords health care;unemployment;working poor;social service organizations;Citizens League of Oklahoma;service economy;living wage
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