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  • Our Year of Extremes: Did Climate Change Just Hit Home?

    Our Year of Extremes: Did Climate Change Just Hit Home? with Ann Curry is the first serious hour-long US network primetime special to report the facts about climate change: that there is virtually no debate among climate scientists that climate change is real, is here now, and is largely caused by human activity.

    Tags: climate change; global warming

    By David Corvo; Elizabeth Cole; Adam Gorfain; Justin Balding; Liz Brown; Anthony Galloway; Tim Sandler; Andrew Tkach; Frank Bido; Saverio Camporeale; Andy Finelstein; Billy Ray; Alvaro Trenchi; Ann Curry

    Dateline NBC


  • "Inside Iran"

    Just before Iran's presidential elections, NBC News goes inside the country and takes an in-depth look at the lives of its young people. The report reveals "an Iran unknown to most Americans." It's a place where hostility toward the West is low and the acceptance of differences is high.

    Tags: Islamic Republic; presidential elections; Middle East; Muslim; Ann Curry; Islam; Hezbollah; Hamas; Mahmoud Ahmadinejad; Tehran

    By Ann Curry; Richard Greenberg; Ali Arouzi; Tim Sandler

    NBC News Dateline


  • The Forgotten

    This story is an inside look at the systematic warehousing of more than 17,000 adults and children in Serbia's mental institutions. Dateline NBC gained unprecedented access to remote, government-run facilities and found alarming and sometimes life-threatening conditions. The institutions are remnants of Serbia's communist past and symbols of a deeply ingrained prejudice against the mentally disabled and their families. Serbia's medical establishment continues to advise parents to put their mentally disabled newborns into institutions, and the government provides virtually no support for those who choose not to. In mental institutions throughout Serbia, Dateline found adults and children crammed into fetid rooms and metal cribs, their bodies emaciated, atrophied and disfigured. Some residents appeared to be children but they were actually young adults whose growth had been stunted by years of institutionalization. One of our most disturbing discoveries came while staying overnight in a dangerously overcrowded institution. There we learned that children are routinely tied to their bed railings for long periods of time - a practice that one disability rights organization says meets the legal definition of torture under international law.

    Tags: mental health; Serbia; child abuse; patient abuse; patient rights; mental institutions

    By Ann Curry; Tim Sandler; David Corvo; Elizabeth Cole; Allan Maraynes; Paul Nichols; Cristina Boado Zoran Stanojevic; Diane Chang; Mike Simon; Robert Lapp

    NBC News Dateline