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  • Kingdom on the Brink

    Following the kidnapping and beheading of Paul Johnson, CNN investigates terrorist incidents in Saudi Arabia. By interviewing a number of different Saudis, from working class to the royal family, this investigation tells the story through the eyes of the people who live it. Despite language and security difficulties, the story looks at the changing world of the Saudis, Islam and how the royal family struggles to crack down on al Qaeda militants.

    Tags: Saudi Arabia; Osama bin Laden; military; al Quaeda; Saudi royal family; Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Alsaud; Islam; September 11

    By Nic Robertson;Henry Schuster;Rida Said

    CNN (Atlanta)


  • Predator and the Hunt for bin Laden

    Three years after 9/11, one of the dominant news stories of the year remaind how and why US intelligence agencies allowed Al Qaeda terrorists to strike America on September 11, 2001. NBC's Senior Investigative Correspondent Lisa Myers and the NBC Investigative Unit highlighted serious shortcomings in the Clinton and Bush Administrations in responding to the lethal threat of Osama bin Laden.

    Tags: Osama bin Laden; Al Qaeda; September 11; 9/11 Commission

    By Lisa Myers;Jim Popkin;Aram Roston;Rich Gardella;Doug Pasternak;Steve Capus;Albert Oetgen;Bob Windrem;John Reiss

    NBC News


  • The Struggle Within Islam

    Powell draws from all over the Islamic world for this story. It profiles the family of Mohammed Shakr, whose son is edging toward fundamentalism and jihad. Powell takes a look at the "civil war" that has raged within Islam for years, intesifying since 9/11. Powell finds that "the number of Muslims expounding radical beliefs is clearly growing; the global war on terrorism has fueled perceptions that Islam is under attack; and America's war in Iraq has made it more difficult for patient voices inside Islamic states to be heard."

    Tags: Islam; Jihad; Muslim; Sunni; Shiite; Osama bin Laden; 9/11

    By Bill Powell



  • Series on Unconventional Warfare and Special Forces

    "This series examines the unconventional threats in Afghanistan/Pakistan and postwar Iraq and the effort by U.S. military force to adapt from a cold-war mode of operating to counter-terror and counter-insurgency operations. Sanctuaries, hostile terrain and population, weak or ambivalent local allies, and the limited number of U.S. personnel who have trained in the small-unit culturally attuned counter-insurgency tactics all contribute to continuing U.S. frustrations in both Afghanistan and Iraq."

    Tags: military operations; pentagon; army; foreign relations; Bin Laden; Pakistan; Baghdad

    By Linda Robinson and Mark Mazzetti

    U.S. News & World Report


  • Terrorist tentacles know no boundaries

    The U.S. government believes that the Columbia, Missouri based Islamic African Relief Agency helped finance bin Laden and other terrorists. Federal agents seized the charity's office in October 2004. The Kansas City Star diagrammed the summary the U.S. Treasury created to support its allegations against the IARA. Some points include: at least eight connections between IARA and Osama bin Laden, his organizations or the Taliban; two connections to Hamas, the Palestinian terrorist organization whose suicide bombings ravaged life in Israel; connections to three other groups that long have been designated as terrorist organizations by federal authorities. The piece also contains a map of IARA funding worldwide in an attempt to track the money.

    Tags: Islamic African Relief Agency; Osama bin Laden; Hamas; Taliban; Social Network Analysis; CAR

    By Mark Morris;Jaimi Dowdell;Aaron Kessler

    Star (Kansas City, Mo.)


  • CNN presents: Seeds of Terror

    CNN traces the roots of Al Qaeda to Southeast Asia, based on a terrorist plot that occurred in that region in 1995, which was a blueprint for what happened on September 11, 2001. With rare footage shot in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore, hundreds of intelligence documents and access to top-level sources throughout the region, this documentary shows how Al Qaeda has grown in power and influence, spreading through the region, gathering followers and executing some of the world's most violent terrorist plots.

    Tags: TAPE; terrorism; September 11; 9/11; 9-11; nine eleven; Al Qaeda; terrorist; plot; top secret; Indonesia; Malaysia; Philippines; Singapore; terror; attack; Southeast Asia; intelligence; government; agency; FBI; Federal Bureau of Investigations; CIA; Central Intelligence Agency; military; Islam; terrorist cell; Osama Bin Laden; cold war.

    By Maria Ressa;Ken Shiffman;Jess Liwanag;Kathy Quiano;Armand Sol;Scott McGhee;Conrado Palileo;René Santiago;Gino Bruno

    CNN (Atlanta)


  • "Terrorism Investigations"

    This extensive 11-story investigation of terrorism in the U.S. deals a spectrum of issues ranging from suspected terrorists who were granted U.S. citizenship to links formed between Al Qaeda and Saudi Arabia. The first story in the series looks at how easy it is for suspected terrorists to gain U.S. citizenship due to "bureaucratic incompetence and turf wars." The next story looks at how some have slipped under the radar of the U.S. and United Nations' effort to freeze terrorists' funds. Another story investigates Gen. William "Jerry" Boykin, head of a Pentagon unit hunting for Osama Bin Laden, as he makes derogatory statements about Islam in U.S. churches. NBC News also looks at "how war in Iraq drained resources from the hunt for Bin Laden."

    Tags: Gen. William "Jerry" Boykin's resignation; Osama Bin Laden; Saddam Hussein; RC-135 spy planes; Hellfire missles; Al Qaeda; P-Tech; Inc.; Abdurahman Alamoudi; U.S. Military Muslim Chaplin Program

    By Lisa Myers;Jim Popkin;Albert Oetgen;Rich Gardella;Aram Roston;Doug Pasternak;Sarah Evans;Steve Capus

    NBC News


  • Stinger Sting

    Dateline NBC used undercover footage to expose arms brokers trying to buy Stinger missiles and other weapons here in the United States. Supposedly, these brokers have ties to Osama bin Laden, and can be heard referring to Americans as "the enemy". The idea for this story came from a previous Dateline NBC investigation ("Trail of Terror"), which "exposed the activities of arms brokers and other alleged terror supporters operating in the United States."

    Tags: black market; shoulder-fired missiles

    By Richard Greenberg;Chris Hansen;Allan Maraynes;Alvaro Trenchi;Alison Bologna;Fabiola Lacayo;Naveen Masood;Liz Brown;Charmaine Lewis;Shayla Harris;Sylvaine Rameckers;Marc Rosenwasser;David Corvo

    NBC News Dateline


  • The Mastermind

    Close on the heels of Khalid Shaikh Mohammad's capture in Pakistan, CBS investigate's his larger role in world terrorism, particularly against USA. Specifically, CBS traces how Mohammad had directed his nephew, Ramzi Yousef, in the first WTC bombing in 1993. Further, Mohammad was not only the cheif architect of the failed American Airlines hijacking attempt in Phillipines, but also blending these two plans to make a blue print for the 9/11 attacks. The article also focuses on a raw copy of the audiotape with the voice of Ramzi bin al Shibh, who was Mohammad Atta's roommate in Hamburg, Germany.

    Tags: Al-Jazeera; World Trade Center; Yosri Fouda; Karachi; Pakistan; Osama Bin Laden

    By Jeff Fager;Patti Hassler;Michael Whitney;Bob Simon;Draggan Mihailovich;Warren Lustig

    CBS News 60 Minutes II (New York, NY)


  • Series on Al Qaeda

    A series of stories investigating the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden and tracking Al Qaeda activities. There are three stories in this entry: "The Enemy Within," about bin Laden's serious efforts within the United States, "Rumors of bin Laden's Lair," about the new location of Al Qaeda's leader, and "Bin Laden's Iraq Plans," about Al Qaeda's shift away from Afghanistan and Pakistan to support the Iraqi resistance.

    Tags: September 11; World Trade Center; Iraq; Hussein

    By Daniel Klaidman;Mark Hosenball;Michael Isikoff;Sami Yousafzai;Zahid Hussain;Babak Dehghanpisheh;Ron Moreau;Michael Hirsh;Evan Thomas;Kevin Peraino;Steve Tuttle;Holly Bailey;Suzanne Smalley;Sarah Downey

    Newsweek Magazine (New York, NY)