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  • Startribune:The Day Care Threat

    Children had been dying in Minnesota child care at an alarming rate and state regulators and industry leaders had overlooked the problem until our reporting laid bare a series of safety failures that led to the spike in deaths. The reporters made dozens of public record requests and analyzed hundreds of cases to uncover wide problems in the state’s in-home daycare system. They almost all the deaths occurred at in-home daycares, which have more lax regulations than centers. The series also uncovered dozens of cases of sexual abuse, gun violence and negligence that harmed children in the state’s in-home daycare system. It revealed how Minnesota has some of the weakest training and supervision rules in the country for these in-home daycares. The reporters also discovered that critical safety records that would help parents identify problem providers were not accessible to the public. The response to the series was swift and sustained. State regulators implemented changes to improve infant safe sleep practices and they are planning legislation this session to shore up some of the safety problems. The series also highlighted how the lack of information about child care deaths is a national problem.

    Tags: Child care; safety; daycare system; sexual abuse; gun violence; negligence

    By Brad Schrade; Jeremy Olson; Glenn Howatt

    Star-Tribune (Casper Wyo.)


  • Keeping Your Children Safe

    The series reveals danger every parent should know about from common every day products and activities.

    Tags: danger; child safety; escalator; lost child; school zone

    By Kim Skeen; Joshua Gaynor; Ned Berkowitz; Susan Koeppen

    CBS News


  • Sex offender, other felons ran camps for homeless kids

    This investigation "found that Palm Beach County officials paid a convicted child molester, drug dealers, thieves and other people with criminal records nearly half a million dollars in public money to run summer camps for homeless, foster and impoverished children during the past three years."

    Tags: child safety; sex offender; criminal records; child care; criminal background; camp; child welfare

    By Michael LaForgia

    Post (Palm Beach, Fla.)


  • "Crib Recall"

    A child is supposed to be safe in his or her own crib; however, cribs with drop down sides proved to be dangerous, even life-threatening to children. In 2009, CBS correspondent Susan Koeppen revealed the nation's largest crib recall ever recorded. It involved two million cribs. In the past two years, the "government has recalled nearly 5 million cribs."

    Tags: Consumer Product Safety Commission; Stork Craft; drop down side crib

    By Susan Koeppen; Audrey Gruber; Elizabeth Bohnel; Laura Berger; Lindsey Pritzlaff; Zev Shalev

    CBS News West 57th Street


  • Scales of Justice

    Many known criminals in Linn County walk the streets freely. Among many problems with the local justice system, the largest is that criminal cases are dismissed without prosecution. Without charges on a drug dealer's, child pornographer's, or girlfriend beater's records, it's as if they never committed a crime. The lack of corrective action is leaving local police with low morale and an overwhelming job of arresting repeat offenders only to see the justice system release them back on the public.

    Tags: justice system; police; prosecution; charges; arrests; morale; criminals; streets; Linn County; CBS 2; attorney; public safety;

    By April Samp; Lindsey Morone; Nick Moron; Steve Worthington; Tim Wilcox;

    KGAN-Cedar Rapids, Iowa


  • How Safe is Your Child's Day Care?

    WFOR looked at every licensed day care in South Florida and examined their safety inspection records, making this material readily available to their viewers.

    Tags: day care; South Florida; safety inspection; children;

    By Stephen Stock; Amber Statler-Matthews; Giovani Benitez; Jasmine Kripalani; Leon Gonzalez; Nick Gordillo; Iram Ali; Jeremy Milarsky

    WFOR-TV (Miami)


  • Air Marshals: Undercover and Under Arrest

    The Federal Air Marshal Service presents the image of an elite undercover force charged with making life-and-death decisions that demand sound judgment. ProPublica found that dozens of air marshals have been charged with crimes, including 18 felonies, and hundreds more have been accused of misconduct. Cases include smuggling drugs past airport security, aiding a human trafficking ring, child sex abuse, bribery, drunken driving, domestic violence, holding an escort against her will during an overnight layover, solicitation to commit murder and voyeurism after one air marshal was caught taking photos of women's genitals on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

    Tags: air marshals; Transportation Safety Agency; human trafficking; child sex abuse; drunken driving; domestic violence; criminal convictions

    By Michael Grabell; Tom Detzel; Krista Kjellman; Jamie Wilson



  • Who's Driving Your Kids?

    KOMO investigated rumors of school bus drivers behind the wheel without valid driver's licenses. The school district operates on the honor system, relying on drivers to tell their superiors about moving infractions.

    Tags: bus drivers; child safety; driving infractions; suspended licenses

    By Michelle Esteban; Doug Pigsley; Tri Ngo

    KOMO-TV (Seattle)


  • CPS Worker Safety

    KVOA found that Tucson's Child Protection Services employees were being threatened by parents, guardians and family members.

    Tags: child protection service; employee; safety; surveillances; security; state government; FOIA

    By Jennifer Kastner; Kean Bauman; Kristi Tedesco

    KVOA-TV (Tucson, Ariz.)


  • Dialing While Driving

    Raleigh school bus drivers were violating a school district policy banning cell-phone use while driving.

    Tags: bus drivers; school district; child safety; cell phones;

    By Steve Daniels; Ross Weidner; Tres Bruce

    WTVD-TV (Durham, N.C.)