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  • Unredacted Harassment

    An ongoing investigation by the Red & Black showed professors continued to violate sexual harassment policies and get away with it at the University of Georgia, and to make matters worse, those who came forward and who were told their identities would be protected, discovered their names were not redacted in documents sent out by UGA to those requesting such documents.

    Tags: Sexual Harassment; University of Georgia, UGA; Red and Black

    By Jacob Demmitt; Mimi Ensley; Julia Carpenter; Rachel Bunn; Mariana Heredia

    The Red & Black (University of Georgia - Athens)


  • "Arrested Developments: Crime Streets of Athens"

    The staff of The Red & Black spent several months collecting and compiling crime documents from law enforcement departments throughout Athens, Ga. The student reporters wanted to find and report current information on the "most crime-ridden residential streets in Athens-Clarke County," which is where the University of Georgia is located. The UGA population (students, faculty and staff) makes up a "big chunk" of Athens. The Red & Black takes a look at crime in the area to see whether or not the higher crime areas have an affect on those who "attend and work" at the university.

    Tags: UGA; University of Georgia; Athens; Athens-Clarke County; Athens Housing Authority

    By Jacob Demmitt; Polina Marinova; Carey O'Neil; Dallas Duncan; Mimi Ensley; Paige Varner; Wes Blankenship; William Brown

    The Red & Black (University of Georgia - Athens)


  • Racial Profiling

    The two day series attempted to determine if the practice of targeting citizens based on their race was being used by area law enforcement. Their findings included: Black drivers in Sheveport and nearby Bossier City were cited for traffic violations more than twice as often as white drivers, based on traffic citation data over nearly five years. Although black divers were a minority of each city's licensed drivers, they were disproportionally cited for lower-level violations, such as window tint or loud music. Several officers from each city police department routinely issued more tickets to black drivers and issued more tickets for lower-level violations that for serious infractions, such as speeding or running a red light.

    Tags: racial profiling; driving violations; law enforcement; low-level citations; black drivers; citation records; FOIA; police behavior

    By Alison Bath; Alisa Stingley

    Times (Shreveport, La.)


  • Sexual harassment at UGA

    During a semester-long investigation The Red & Black discovered the University of Georgia was finding professors in violation of the sexual harassment policy but still allowing them to teach and, in some cases, allowing them to dictate the details of their resignations.

    Tags: sexual harassment; higher education; professors; students; illicit affairs; teaching; sexual abuse

    By Kristen Coulter; Brian Hughes; Carolyn Crist; Melissa Weinman; Matthew Grayson

    The Red & Black (University of Georgia - Athens)


  • High-alcohol malt taps market furor

    In 1991, G. Heileman Brewing Co. planned to release PowerMaster, a malt liquor beverage that was 5.9% alcohol with 50% more alcohol than a regular can of malt liquor. Black communities accused Heileman of targeting them and trying to harm them, by citing the fact that (at the time) black and Hispanic men drank most of the malt liquor in the United States.

    Tags: Olde English 800; Schlitz Malt Liquor's Red Bull; Bureau of Alcohol; Tobacco and Firearms; G. Heileman Brewing Co.

    By Martha T. Moore and Mindy Fetterman

    USA Today (McLean, Va.)


  • The New America

    Newsweek takes an in-depth look at "The New Face of Race" in America. The New America attempts to explain that "its not just a matter of black and white anymore; the nuances of brown and yellow and red mean more -- and less -- than ever." Besides generally looking at race in the United States, The New America also examines the status of Birmingham, Al (once called the most segregated city in America) and the cultural conflicts between Mexican Americans and Chicanos.

    Tags: civil rights; race; American

    By Jon Meacham;Vern E. Smith;Andrew Murr;Arian Campo-Flores;Karen Breslau;Lynette Clemetson;Allison Samuels;Kevin Peraino;Ellis Cose

    Newsweek Magazine


  • Portraits in Racial Profiling

    To better understand the extent of racial profiling, the Village Voice surveyed and interviewed black and white police officers and victims of racial profiling, and found classic stereotypes for police suspects: a tilted baseball cap; a red or blue bandanna; a hooded sweattop; baggy trousers; and expensive high-top sneakers, among other pieces of clothing that make up the "Tupac-thug-for-life image."

    Tags: racial profiling; minorities; race; police; African Americans; Latinos

    By Peter Noel

    Village Voice (New York)