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  • ABC News Brian Ross Investigates: Herbalife: The Dream and the Reality

    Allegations have hovered for decades around the controversial nutritional products brand, Herbalife, but it took an undercover team from the ABC News to finally document the audacious promises of health and wealth that have helped transform the work-from-home company into a multi-billion-dollar global titan. The ABC News Investigative Team undertook its investigation at a pivotal time in Herbalife’s history -- as a major hedge fund had bet more than $1 billion that the company would collapse after being proven a fraud.

    Tags: hedge fund; fraud; bet; controversial; nutrition

    By Brian Ross; Matthew Mosk; Randy Kreider; Rym Momtaz; William Gallego; Lee Ferran; Michael Darlington; Brendan Cusack; Rhonda Schwartz; Almin Karamehmedovic

    ABC News


  • The Death of Steve McNair

    The police concluded in the investigation of the death of Steve McNair that it was a murder-suicide. He was killed by his girlfriend, who later shot and killed herself. But CBS News investigated the murder and found a different conclusion. This investigation revealed significant mistakes and contradiction made by the police, which raised critical questions.

    Tags: National Football League (NFL); quarterback; Sahel Kazemi; Adrian Gilliam; Tennessee; Titans; Nashville; weapons; guns; mystery

    By Armen Keteyian; Pia Malbran; Anthony Batson; Zev Shalev

    CBS The Early Show


  • NewsChannel 5 Investigates: The Ticket Fix

    The NewsChannel 5 "investigation discovered a systemic problem with parking and speeding tickets being fixed in the city of Nashville. Among the beneficiaries: friends of cops and judges, politicians, Tennessee Titans, even court employees. Out of 136,000 parking tickets in a two-year period, 16,000 were dismissed without explanation. Out of 166,000 speeding tickets, 14,000 were dismissed without explanation."

    Tags: traffic violations; tickets; fixing; Tennessee

    By Phil Williams; Bryan Staples

    WTVF-TV (Nashville, Tenn.)


  • Losing Life and Limb on the Job

    The Progressive magazine looks at workplace safety and OSHA.

    Tags: workplace safety; on-the-job injuries; worker safety; OSHA; Titan International

    By Christopher D. Cook

    Progressive Magazine


  • Damages

    The Philadelphia Magazine details the story behind the largest medical malpractice award in Pennsylvania history, a $7.5 million settlement. The article describes "the collision of a brilliant surgeon, a heavyweight lawyer and a severely injured little boy in a Philadelphia courtroom..." The story reports on the medical treatment of Stephen Gauls, the child "who was left brain-damaged by a heart operation" at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. One of the main findings is that "Pennsylvania's health care system has become like the Titanic," because the state legislature has done nothing for increasing patient safety. The author reveals that for 16 months "the state board of medicine hasn't disciplined or cited a single doctor for substandard care."

    Tags: William Norwood; infants; hospitals; surgery; operation; pediatricians; awyers; litigation; courts; liability; insurance; health; medicine

    By Benjamin Wallace

    Philadelphia Magazine


  • How a Brash Provider Of Internet Services Became Unplugged

    Wall Street Journal tells the story of big money and big ambition gone awry in a promising technology start-up.. ICG Communications, a telecommunication upstart that provided Internet services, is heading toward Chapter 11 despite industry titans pouring money into the company. ICG borrowed heavily to grow fast, but could not manage its growth. The CEO, a politically-connected jet-setter, was rarely seen in office during troubled times. His shares valued at $88 million in March, is now worth only $980,000.

    Tags: ICG; technology; bankruptcy; internet company

    By Paul Sherer;Gary McWilliams

    Wall Street Journal (New York)


  • The Titanic of Insurance Insolvencies

    The Post-Dispatch investigated the Transit Casualty Insurance Co, an insolvent company which is now operated by the courts and state. The investigation found that more money was spend to operate the receivership than was distributed to policyholders on their claims.

    Tags: Byron Kinder; Tom McCarthy; Burleigh Arnold; State government; Insolvency; Insurance receivership; Lawsuits

    By Terry Ganey

    St. Louis Post-Dispatch


  • The party's over

    After a scandal that would have ruined even Bill Clinton, Marion Barry four years ago sought redemption through reelection. Now that the last of the civil rights titans is finally stepping down, it's time to see if he achieved it.

    Tags: Washington D.C. District of Columbia Government

    By Hanna Rosin

    GQ Magazine


  • Clash of the Titans

    Powers collide over freedom and events of the past, The German government says the Church of Scientology is a cult that relives the dark history of the country. Scientologists complain that it is the Germans who haven't changed. The battle continues as both sides are unwilling to compromise

    Tags: None

    By Russ Baker

    George Magazine


  • No title (id: 13388)

    CovertAction Quarterly investigates NASA's plans to launch a nuclear space probe to Saturn in October 1997. The Casini probe will carry 72.3 pounds of plutonium-238 and sit atop the Titan IV, a rocket model known to have undergone mishaps in the past. Scientists predict the probe could easily explode inside the earth's atmosphere on its way to Saturn, or in the earth's oceans where it would cause an uncontrollable nuclear reaction. (Summer 1996)

    Tags: Grossman Risking the World Nuclear Proliferation Star wars Cancer Defense 7 pgs.

    By None

    CovertAction Quarterly