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  • Phantom Debt Collectors

    Hundreds of thousands of cash-strapped Americans were being targeted by abusive debt collectors operating out of overseas call centers, part of what authorities were calling a massive scam that targeted struggling Americans -- especially those who have gone online to apply for payday loans. Armed with personal information from those pilfered applications, the threatening callers, who claimed to be debt collectors poised to initiate legal action, managed to pry loose millions of dollars from their victims -- even when the victims never owed money in the first place. It's what the Federal Trade Commission calls a "phantom debt collection scam." An ABC News investigation pried into the scam and found that, working through call centers in India, the fake debt collectors had dialed at least 2.5 million calls, persuading already cash-strapped victims to send them more than $5 million. Some reported receiving dozens of calls per hour. ABC News tracked down the man to whom FTC officials say all roads led from the scam. For the first time, the most prolific scam to hit Americans in years finally had a face.

    Tags: debt collectors; payday loans; call centers

    By Brian Ross

    ABC News


  • Gunrunners

    This 8-minute radio report was part of year-long investigation into the illegal global small arms trade. The investigation details several illegal arms shipments from organized crime groups in eastern Europe to rebel forces fighting for diamonds in Africa. The report focused on thew supplier-side of the illegal gunrunning to soldiers in Sierra Leona and its neighbors.

    Tags: Sierra Leone; gunrunners; illegal trade; Africa; Cold War; UN; ammunition; trafficking; TAPE; RADIO; transcript

    By Rick Young;Deborah George;William Kistner;Matthew Brunwasser;Peggy Girshman

    National Public Radio


  • Gunrunners

    This Web site was done jointly with a PBS Frontline/Word episode, "Gunrunners," which examined the "secret activities of international gun smugglers and the efforts of United Nations investigators to track and stop this trafficking," according to the contest questionnaire.

    Tags: weapons; trade; crime; military intelligence; CIA; U.S. Customs; Department of Defense; arms; Somalia; Interpol; irewar03

    By Julie Reynolds;Matthew Brunwasser;William Kistner;Dave Gilson;Rick Young;Lowell Bergman;Omar Lavieri;Allyce Bess;Marlena Telvick;Monica Sagullo;James Sandler;Will Evans;Mabel Tampinco;Robin Stein;Kelly Davis;Jared Saylor

    Center for Investigative Reporting (San Francisco)


  • Wall St.'s Soldier of Fortune

    This story examines the fall from grace of Wall Street trader Kevin Ingram, who became implicated in a scheme involving allegations of money laundering and international arms dealing. There is concern by the government that some of the arms may have been destined for the Taliban.

    Tags: Kevin Ingram; arms trade; weapons; Jon Corzine; Robert Rubin; Mohson; Malik; Taliban; Bin Laden; Deutsche Bank; Randy Glass; Goldman Sachs; TruMarkets; Jesse Jackson

    By Leah Nathans Spiro

    Talk (New York City)


  • Plan for Colombia

    The Express-News looks at the United States' efforts to eradicate drug trade in Colombia by spending $1.3 billion on army operations aiming to destroy coca fields. The series questions the effectiveness of the plan. Coca farmers account for the majority of the population in Columbia, and the project would be more successful, if they were provided some alternatives. The reporter examines how the drug war combines with the civil war that has been going on for decades, and finds "that it's unlikely that any significant change will come in Colombia's status as a drug exporter until the civil war is ended."

    Tags: kidnapping; assassinations; guerrillas; military; Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC); right-wing militia; international politics; foreign affairs; crime; violence; drug trafficking; cocaine; heroin; Latin America; human rights

    By Dick J. Reavis

    Express-News (San Antonio, Texas)


  • Assassinator James Cappau Was Tito's Son

    The Vecernji list (Croatia) digs into the assignation of the Croatian mobster and "king of the poker slot machines" Vjeko Slisko, but discovers a lot more about his assassin, James Cappau. Cappau, according to his mother, was the son of Josip Broz Tito, the former Yugoslav president. The investigation uncovered documents linking Cappeau with arms smuggling to ultranationalist groups in France and Chechnya and the sale of a satellite phone for Dzohar Dudaev, the Chechen leader. (A Russian spy satellite intercepted a call from the phone and killed Dudaev.)

    Tags: organized crime; arms trade; assassination; Croatia

    By Dusan Miljus



  • Russian Mob Trading Arms for Cocaine with Colombian Rebels "was the first to uncover a scandal that would ultimately lead to the ouster of Peru's President Alberto Fujimori." The reporters found that "guns had made their way to a variety of groups in the region, spreading Colombia's war across borders to Ecuador."

    Tags: CD; drugs; drug trade; Ecuador; mob; Colombian rebels

    By Sue Lackey;Michael Moran and Ashley Wells


  • "The Big Sell"

    This report features arms manufacturer Lockheed Martin as an example of how the balance of power between buyer and seller has shifted in the international arms trade. A global dropoff in high-tech arms sales has even top-selling Lockheed Martin struggling to stay afloat, offering top-of-the-line equipment at bargain-basement prices to countries like the United Arab Emirates.

    Tags: defense contracts; F-16; Gulf War

    By Anne Marie Squeo;Daniel Pearl

    Wall Street Journal (New York)


  • Law Enforcement Weapons Sales

    CBS News 'ongoing investigation looked at the policies of major police and sheriff's departments across the country when it came to sales or trades of old service weapons. Using the Freedom of Information Act, and various state Public Records Acts, we collected documents and databases from more than thirty major cities and counties in the United States. Our investigation found that some of America's biggest law enforcement agencies are also some of the biggest arms dealers...."

    Tags: TAPE TRANSCRIPT CAR hand guns machine guns grenade launchers gun dealers assault rifles Bureau of Alcohol; Tobacco and Firearms ATF budgets destruction

    By Vince Gonzales;Barbara Pierce;Eric Longabardi

    CBS News


  • Showdown at Miramar

    The Marines wanted to move to San Diego. Residents were up in arms about the noise that Marine helicopters would cause. One resident - an engineer by trade - sued the Department of the Navy (which oversees the Marines), accusing the military of skewing data used to approve the new base. KNSD-TV investigated those claims.

    Tags: TAPE; Federal Clean Air Act; Emissions; Military

    By Beth Tornatore;Lisa Berglund

    KNSD-TV (San Diego)