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  • Vaccine Dangers

    The news team found risks had been concealed from people asked to take the smallpox vaccines. They also expose the military's refusal to admit its vaccines are harming some soldiers; soldiers who are often dismissed and treated like "malingerers." They focused on the case of Rachael Lacy. The military denied her death was from the vaccines it administered but the news team found her death certificate showed otherwise. They also looked at the case of NBC War Correspondent David Bloom who died after his vaccinations. His case was not reported or investigated as a possible vaccine adverse event. They also looked at a Journal of the American Medical Association claiming there had been "no" deaths after smallpox vaccinations.

    Tags: TAPE; military; smallpox; vaccine; medical records; death; death certificate; military casualty record; inoculation; blood clots; Anthrax; pulmonary nodules; Food and Drug Administration; Defense Department; bio-terror attack; Rachael Lacy; David Bloom; immune system

    By Jim Murphy;Jim McGlinchy;Sharyl Attkisson;Allyson Ross-Taylor

    CBS News


  • Dr. Death and His Accomplice

    CBS News 60 Minutes tells the story of Dr. Larry Ford, a gynecologist who hired a hitman to kill his business partner and committed suicide after police connected him to the attempted hit. "When police went to search Dr. Ford's home in Irvine, CA, they found guns and explosives buried in his backyard and a cache of biological agents -- including botulism, salmonella, cholera and typhoid -- in his refrigerator. Police found evidence that Dr. Ford had allegedly poisoned women with some of his germs or chemicals, and (60 Minutes) discovered that a number of female acquaintances of his had long-term debilitating symptoms which rendered them legally disabled. Tips poured in to local police that Dr. Ford had military and intelligence connections, and that he had worked for South Africa's apartheid-era bio-warfare program. (60 Minutes) discovered strong evidence linking Dr. Ford to the leader of the South African program, Dr. Wouter Basson, who has been dubbed 'Dr. Death' by the African press, for his mandate to kill blacks and other opponents of the white-ruled government."

    Tags: Dr. Larry Ford; Dr. Wouter Basson; Irvine; California; war; South Africa; TAPE; TRANSCRIPT

    By Robert Zimet;Chris Everson;William Cassara;Anton Van der Merwe;Stefan Springman;Christie Gripenburg;Jennifer Sherwood;Peter Klein

    CBS News 60 Minutes


  • BioWar

    CBS reports that many Navy ships were part of a secret biological warfare tests conducted in the 1960s. These tests, according to a Pentagon briefing film, were conducted to test the vulnerability of Navy ships to germ warfare attacks. CBS examines the fact that many sailors aboard the ships may have been unaware that they were exposed during these secret germ-warfare experiments.

    Tags: VIDEOCLIP; TAPE; TRANSCRIPT germ warfare; U.S. government; U.S. Navy; military; bio war

    By Vince Gonzales;Eric Longabardi;Barbara Pierce;Jen Murphy;Gavin Boyle

    CBS News


  • The Man Who Knew Too Much

    GQ Magazine tells the story of Eric Olson and his quest to find the truth behind his father's death. Eric Olson's father, Frank Olson, was a CIA bio-chemist involved in the MK-ULTRA program in the 1950s. According to Eric Olson's life-long research, Frank Olson was murdered by the CIA in a New York City hotel in 1953. However, Frank Olson's death was made to look like a suicide.

    Tags: CIA; MK-ULTRA; Cold War; Frank Olson; Camp Detrick

    By Mary A. Fischer

    GQ Magazine


  • Germ Warfare: Weapons of Terror

    This one-hour special investigates what the CIA's Director calls "perhaps the most significant threat in the post Cold War world" - bio-terror. In the hour, the defector and former head of Russia's massive bio-warfare program, Ken Alibek, speaks out telling Primetime Live how the Soviets put smallpox, anthrax, tularemia and plague into missile warheads which, until three years ago, were aimed at most large American cities.

    Tags: TAPE

    By Terence Wrong;Diane Sawyer;Phyllis McGrady;Ira Rosen;Bob Lange

    ABC News Primetime Live


  • No title (id: 6865)

    Los Angeles Times Magazine looks at the war on cancer being carried out at the growing scientific center in La Jolla, Calif., Feb. 19, 1989.

    Tags: research bio-research science

    By None

    Los Angeles Times Magazine