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  • Children at Risk: Unregulated Day Care in Virginia

    The series revealed the deaths of 43 children at unregulated day-care homes in Virginia since 2004. About half the deaths were sleep-related and 10 involved physical abuse. In that same time frame, 17 children died in licensed day cares. Child care experts estimate that unregulated providers care for about one-third of all children in day care in Virginia. Unregulated providers are subject to no background checks, no training and no inspections. Because regulators don’t even know where the homes are located, the finding of the 43 deaths was news to government officials.

    Tags: unregulated; day care; deaths; safety

    By David S. Fallis; Amy Brittain; Whitney Leaming; Lazario Gamio; Katie Park

    The Washington Post


  • Startribune:The Day Care Threat

    Children had been dying in Minnesota child care at an alarming rate and state regulators and industry leaders had overlooked the problem until our reporting laid bare a series of safety failures that led to the spike in deaths. The reporters made dozens of public record requests and analyzed hundreds of cases to uncover wide problems in the state’s in-home daycare system. They almost all the deaths occurred at in-home daycares, which have more lax regulations than centers. The series also uncovered dozens of cases of sexual abuse, gun violence and negligence that harmed children in the state’s in-home daycare system. It revealed how Minnesota has some of the weakest training and supervision rules in the country for these in-home daycares. The reporters also discovered that critical safety records that would help parents identify problem providers were not accessible to the public. The response to the series was swift and sustained. State regulators implemented changes to improve infant safe sleep practices and they are planning legislation this session to shore up some of the safety problems. The series also highlighted how the lack of information about child care deaths is a national problem.

    Tags: Child care; safety; daycare system; sexual abuse; gun violence; negligence

    By Brad Schrade; Jeremy Olson; Glenn Howatt

    Star-Tribune (Casper Wyo.)


  • How Safe is Your Child's Day Care?

    WFOR looked at every licensed day care in South Florida and examined their safety inspection records, making this material readily available to their viewers.

    Tags: day care; South Florida; safety inspection; children;

    By Stephen Stock; Amber Statler-Matthews; Giovani Benitez; Jasmine Kripalani; Leon Gonzalez; Nick Gordillo; Iram Ali; Jeremy Milarsky

    WFOR-TV (Miami)


  • Child Care Nightmare

    This "series went beyond the usual stories about dangerous day cares to illuminate a bureaucratic culture more invested in keeping child care facilities in business than enforcing health and safety regulations."

    Tags: child care; regulations; health; safety; family; children; education

    By Erin Middlewood; Stephanie Rice; Elisa Williams

    Columbian (Vancouver, Wash.)


  • "Lost Kids"

    Child safety advocates say that a child is lost in the U.S. every 40 seconds. It often takes hours for them to be found and reunited with a parent. The Early Show did an experiment with a child actor in a New York City park and found that more people stopped to help a lost dog than a lost child. Experts say people are often afraid to approach strange children in public for fear of being misidentified as paedophiles.

    Tags: Child safety; abductions; ID tags; day-care safety

    By Susan Koeppen;Robert Powell

    CBS News


  • Rollover

    From the contest entry summary: "60 Minutes II investigated a popular American vehicle, the 15-passenger van, that transports students, day care children, scout troops, church groups and hotel guests throughout the country." The story reveals that the van is one of the most dangerous vehicles on the road because of design flaws; that the more people on board, the more unstable it becomes; and that 425 people have been killed in passenger van accidents since 1990.

    Tags: safety; transportation; highways; Ford; center of gravity; fatal accidents; TAPE; TRANSCRIPT

    By Scott Pelley;Janet Klein;Casey Morgan;Tom Honeysett

    CBS News 60 Minutes


  • Day Care Dangers

    Despite day care licensing and regulation, parents are discovering that security and quality are not guranteed.

    Tags: day care; children; child care; safety

    By Victoria Pope

    U.S. News & World Report


  • DPS Computer

    KTVT-TV "found many convicted sexual offenders had no criminal record on the state's crime computer. We exposed a huge hole in the system. Schools, day care centers, state licensing agencies all rely on the state's crime computer for criminal background checks. We found a school crossing guard was a convicted felon (indecency with a child)..."

    Tags: TAPE TRANSCRIPT CAR Department of Public Safety Criminal Background Check data accuracy databases

    By Bennett Cunningham;Randy Westerman

    KTVT-TV (Dallas)


  • Day Care: How good are the centers?

    St. Paul (Minn.) Pioneer Press conducts a six-month investigation of Minnesota's three largest child-care chains and finds they have been cited for state law violations 1,700 times; centers pack too many children in their classrooms and equip their buildings inadequately; lists each of the centers by capacity, injuries, complaints, personnel-to-child ratios, and other categories.

    Tags: Minnesota; child-care; safety violations; Monsour

    By Theresa Monsour

    Pioneer Press (St. Paul, Minn.)