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  • The Lure of Forex

    The website telling people how they could get rich was compelling. It elaborately detailed successful results in trading foreign currencies and it was replete with customer testimonials saying how happy they were. The site showed customer gains averaging 1 percent a day. That explains why people from 140 countries decided to ask Secure Investment to manage their money. In "Anything But Secure," David Evans discovered how this offshore Internet company raked in as much as $1 billion. And then, on May 1, 2014, the website suddenly disappeared -- and so did all of the money people had sent in to build their retirement nest egg.

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    By David Evans; Willem Marx

    Bloomberg Markets (Princeton, N.J.)


  • What Happened to Kendrick Johnson?

    For eight hours a day, six days a week, two grieving parents stand on a South Georgia street corner with homemade signs, family photos and a question: “What Happened to Kendrick Johnson?” January 10, 2013, their 17-year-old son disappeared between classes at his Valdosta high school. The next morning, the three-sport star’s body was found upside down in a rolled mat in the school’s gym. Within hours of finding Johnson’s body, local investigators determined his death was an accident. A state medical examiner agreed and the case was closed. The teenager’s parents never believed the official story but their pleas for outside officials to investigate were ignored. CNN’s Victor Blackwell was the first television correspondent outside the Johnson’s small community to report the story. As other national and international news organizations began to take interest in the story, CNN continued to lead. Blackwell and CNN producer Devon Sayers literally traveled across the country searching for answers. They were the first or only team to report more than 40 major developments in the story. CNN has filed nearly two-dozen requests for open records. Despite strong resistance from local officials, CNN has exposed internal finger-pointing over withheld evidence and a compromised investigation, missing body parts and suspicious holes in school surveillance footage, which CNN successfully sued to obtain. After CNN’s more than 20 reports, each offering exclusive details, the Department of Justice launched a federal investigation into Johnson’s death and the sheriff’s handling of the case. The Georgia Secretary of State’s Office also launched an investigation into a local funeral home’s treatment of Johnson’s corpse. Those investigations are ongoing. Beyond reporting the details of a bizarre and emotional story, CNN’s continued coverage of the circumstances surrounding the death of Kendrick Johnson fulfills a core mission of journalism: It holds those in power accountable.

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    By Victor Blackwell



  • The Magnitsky Affair

    The Magnitsky project uncovered how nearly a billion dollars that disappeared from the Russian treasury ended up in offshore accounts, paper companies and apartments in New York City to the benefit of two privileged Russians and their associates. The Russian government had maintain that tracing the lost money was impossible because important records had been lost in what they described as an accident. They never tried, but OCCRP reporters painstakingly combed through hard-to-obtain bank records, land records and other documents to trace the money as it was hidden, transferred and laundered. The project has sparked investigations in a handful of countries, won numerous journalism accolades and has kept alive the memory of Segei Magnitsky, the Russian lawyer turned whistleblower who paid with his life for trying to expose the corrupt theft of tax money in Moscow.

    Tags: russia; money; corruption; government

    By Mihai Munteanu; Roman Anin; Paul Radu; Drew Sullivan

    Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (Sarajevo)


  • Following the Money: Indiana Storm Sausage

    This 6-month WTHR investigation exposed how Indiana diverted millions of dollars in disaster recovery grant money to private corporations that weren't impacted by any of the state's widespread disasters. While flood victims and hard-hit communities received little direct financial assistance, state leaders quietly allocated $20 million to fund pet projects for businesses. Their justification -- creating jobs in disaster-impacted areas -- proved unfounded, and WTHR discovered much of the money was wasted or simply disappeared. Using dogged research, thorough reporting and creative storytelling, WTHR exposed a grant program plagued by poor oversight, questionable spending and missing money.

    Tags: money; fraud; flood

    By Bob Segall; Bill Ditton; Cyndee Herbert

    WTHR-TV (Indianapolis)


  • Confession to Murder

    Confession to Murder Part I: 15 year old Christine Harron disappears on May 18, 1993 from Hanover, Ontario. Then, 11 years later, a man named Anthony Ringel comes forward, telling family and police that he killed her. Confession to Murder Part I tells the shocking story for the first time of how police errors led to the case’s collapse, and how family members, heretofore kept in the dark, make a dramatic bid for answers from the man who confessed. Confession to Murder Part II Then, just months after Confession to Murder Part I goes to air, late on the evening of February 27, 2013, Anthony Ringel is re-arrested six long years after the case went dormant. Confession to Murder Part II documents the aftermath of this arrest as Christine Harron’s family come to grips with the fact that their efforts in Part I helped to lead to this outcome.

    Tags: murder; police

    By David Ridgen; Michael Gruzuk; Joan Webber

    Canadian Broadcasting Corp. - CBC


  • Missing State Equipment And The Case Of The $1350 Pillow

    Many of the computers, electronics and pieces of furniture used by Connecticut state employees go missing or stolen. We found flaws in the state's inventory process, in which the state admitted that its property tracking system needed to be more consistent. The investigation spawned a follow up that solved the mystery behind the seemingly outrageous cost and disappearance of a pillow. It also shed light on just how much taxpayer money is paid for the chairs of the state's Governor and Lt. Governor.

    Tags: State property; Lost tax dollars

    By Chris Coffey

    NBC (Connecticut)


  • Serial Secrets: Catching a Killer

    "Serial Secrets: Catching a Killer" chronicles a Vermont police investigation into the mysterious disappearance of a suburban couple. Bill and Lorraine Currier were abducted from their Vermont home and brutally murdered by a serial killer. He would evade authorities for more than year. In that time, he would kill again. My coverage was the first to reveal his identity and how dangerous he really was. Despite being stonewalled at every turn, I was able to bring viewers exclusive reports that eventually sparked debate about the use of unnamed sources and the public's right to know details about an ongoing criminal case. The FBI has since revealed that Israel Keyes planned his murders years in advance, burying "kill kits" across the country. He confessed to murdering at least eight victims over the past decade before committing suicide in December. The details of his kills still haunt Vermonters today.

    Tags: Serial killer; Murder; Unnamed Sources

    By Jennifer Reading

    WCAX-TV (Burlington, Vt.)


  • Truthout on the Border

    The true intent of United States Foreign Policy in regards to the war on drugs in Mexico and Latin America is hidden behind many pantallas (screens in Spanish). In ten installments, posted in the first half of 2012, the Truthout on the Mexican Border series exposed the unofficial intentions of the US war on drugs in Latin America and its deadly impact. By connecting the dots in ten successively posted articles, the war on drugs appears to be a screen behind which goals of US military and economic hegemony can more easily be achieved in Latin American nations. Many Mexicans know that when it comes to corruption, drugs and crime in their nation, las pantallas usually prevent them from knowing the truth. The same is true of the US war on drugs, which has resulted in deaths and disappearances that are estimated to reach between 60,000 – 120,000 in the six year rule of Mexican President Felipe Calderón (ending on November 30, 2012). Truthout regularly covers US foreign policy and its impact in Latin America. The Truthout on the Mexican Border series was written to create a comprehensive understanding of what is behind the diplomatic and political screens – weaving in such seemingly diverse topics as US immigration and gun policies to understand the dark underside of US hemispheric intentions in Mexico and Latin America.

    Tags: U.S.; foreign policy; Mexico; Latin America; drug war; corruption; crime

    By Mark Karlin


  • World’s Untold Stories: Secrets of the Belfast Project

    Forty years ago, during the height of Northern Ireland’s sectarian violence known as "The Troubles," a widowed mother with 10 children disappeared. Today, the answers to what happened could be found in audio recordings locked away in a U.S. college archive. But some don’t want the truth to come out. The audio recordings were collected for the Boston College Oral History Archives, from members of groups on both sides of the fighting. But this history project may contain evidence, that could threaten a delicate peace agreement – and the man credited with helping bring that peace to Northern Ireland, Gerry Adams. Adams, a prominent Irish politician and alleged former head of the Irish Republican Army, has vigorously denied the allegations. But many think the tapes could hold the key to solving the widowed mother’s murder – and more. In this episode of CNN’s documentary series “World’s Untold Stories”, Nic Robertson examines the risks and the benefits of exposing what truths may be on the tapes – and explains the ongoing battle between families, politicians, the courts, and academia, who are either seeking the truth, or seeking to protect it.

    Tags: Northern Ireland; Boston College; Gerry Adams; politicians; courts; academia

    By Bill Galvin; Sheri England; Nic Robertson; Ken Shiffman; Samantha Weihl; Neil Bennett; Earl Nurse; Blake Luce



  • Depreciating Values

    Our seven month investigation revealed how a long time property assessor manipulated property values for a handful of wealthy citizens and political supporters, so they would pay less in property taxes. We also showed how some large apartment complexes disappeared from the county tax rolls. Now the state is seeking to collect back taxes from nearly 200 property owners going back three years and the FBI and IRS are investigating.

    Tags: property taxes; tax rolls; property

    By Ben Hall, Reporter; Iain Montgomery, Photographer/Editor; Kevin Wisniewski, Producer

    WTVF-TV (Nashville, Tenn.)