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  • Trouble in Mind

    Brandi Grissom spent nearly six months investigating the life, trial, conviction and incarceration of Andre Thomas. The six-part series explores the intersections of the mental health and criminal justice systems in Texas through the case of Andre Thomas, a death row inmate who began exhibiting signs of mental illness as a boy and committed a brutal triple murder in 2004. Blind because he pulled out both of his eyes while behind bars, Thomas awaits a federal court's decision on whether he is sane enough to be executed. The series examines the gaps in the Texas mental health system: holes in public education, the troubled juvenile justice system, underfunded mental health care services for adults, unprepared prisons and the still-developing jurisprudence around brain science. In addition to producing six in-depth stories, Grissom partnered with data reporters in the newsroom to produce interactive graphics that helped readers understand that disparities in the mental health system. She also partnered with the graphics team to create a comprehensive interactive timeline that detailed the tragic events of Thomas’ life, his crime, and his case with court documents and photos.

    Tags: mental health; prisons;

    By Brandi Grissom

    Texas Tribune


  • Sex Abuse Continues; Juvenile offenders often locked in rooms together

    Staff reporter, Geoff Dutton of the Columbus Dispatch talks about the rate of sexual offenses amongst juveniles in Ohio's only prison for young rapists and sexual molesters. As this reporter discovered, there is widespread sexual activity among the inmates in this prison and also among inmates and the security personnel. The follow-up stories also covers how the facility lacks good counselors and social workers.

    Tags: CAR; FOIA; Ohio's only prison for juvenile sexual offenders; juveniles crimes; juvenile prisons; inmates in juvenile prisons; Department of Youth Services; Circleville juvenile prison; Circleville; OH; Circleville

    By Geoff Dutton

    Dispatch (Columbus, Ohio)


  • Prisoners of Sex; Female Trouble

    These two stories brings to light incidents of rape and sexual abuse of teenage girls in a juvenile correction center. This corretion center, The Youthful Offender System was an innovative program, an alternative to adult prison for adolescents. As the reporter found out, the female inmates were sexually abused by the male correction officers. The follow up story reports the case against the officer who was on trial for raping one of the inmates.

    Tags: rape; juvenile correction centers; youthful offender system; sexual assault

    By Alan Prendergast

    Westword (Denver)


  • Kids In Prison

    A Miami Herald investigation on the effects of Florida's tough law addressing juvenile crime shows "a punishment system gone awry." The series examines how, rather than deterring juvenile crime, the state's policies seem to be encouraging it. "Instead of targeting violent criminals, the crackdown is falling hardest on nonviolent offenders - those convicted of burglary, theft and drug charges," the Miami Herald reports. The investigation is based on the analysis of databases of inmates, assaults against youth offenders in Florida's adult prisons, and recidivism records. The data shows that, after being released from prison, most young offenders become hardened criminals.

    Tags: CAR; crime; FOI requests; corrections; children; teenagers; assaults; courts; judges

    By Ronnie Greene;Geoff Dougherty

    Miami Herald


  • Hard-Time Kids

    The American Prospect reports on juvenile offenders sentenced to adult prisons. Only two states forbid housing children under the age of 16 in adult facilities; and only six require that inmates under 18 be housed apart from the adult prison population. Recidivism rates are higher for juveniles sentenced to adult prisons, and they are more likely to be raped, beaten and commit suicide. The article suggests prison reforms need to be reformed.

    Tags: juvenile justice; adult prison

    By Sasha Abramsky

    American Prospect


  • Kids Behind Bars

    A Press investigation sheds light on the inadequate treatment of juvenile inmates in Michigan. The five-part series reveals the "dire consequences - rapes, assault, attempted suicides - " that children as young as 14 face in "hostile prisons ill-equipped to handle them." The investigation focuses on "Michigan's only private prison, set up for teen-aged boys and young men" and finds that it has "quickly become the most violent prison in the state.." The analysis of the prison's records shows that "in five month, a dozen boys have tried to kill themselves, " but "juveniles were receiving little or no counselling in prison ... even after trying to kill themselves." The reporter draws the conclusion that "the prison was too short-staffed to stop the assaults."

    Tags: FOIA; inmates; juveniles; suicide; rape; assaults; security; crime; murder; misconduct

    By Ken Kolker

    Press (Grand Rapids, Mich.)


  • State Secrets: Ohio's Juvenile Jails

    "A six-month (Columbus) Dispatch investigation has found that thousands of children are being warehoused in state institutions where deaths, rapes and assaults have been covered up or ignored. Ohio leads the nation in the number of juveniles put behind bars at the state and local level.... Youth Services has become little more than a human landfill where juveniles and employees have been victimized..."

    Tags: CAR Department of Youth Services rehabilitation inmate education incarceration supervision institutions Justice Department prison overcrowding sexual abuse assault crime

    By Michael Berens

    Dispatch (Columbus, Ohio)