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  • Taken: The Coldest Case Ever Solved

    CNN looked into the 1957 kidnapping and murder of Maria Ridulph, which went unsolved for half a century. The five-part series found that the suspect was interviewed and discounted during the early days of the investigation, as the FBI took over the case. His parents helped him establish an alibi, and his mother supposedly exposed his secret on her death bed. A sister launched the investigation that resulted in the arrest and conviction of Jack McCullough, who maintains his innocence to this day. McCullough was convicted after a four-day trial on what appeared to be thin evidence resulting from questionable legal rulings by an inexperienced judge. The most compelling evidence is the testimony of the eyewitness, who was 8 years old at the time and is now in her 60s. She says she is certain, and she appears to be a credible witness.

    Tags: Kidnapping; murder; Maria Ridulph

    By Ann O’Neill, Jan Winburn, Brandon Ancil, Jessica Koscielniak, Manav Tanneeru, Curt Merrill, Sean O’Key



  • Japan: Hiding America's Children

    The story of 15 American fathers whose children were spirited away by their Japanese mothers. ABC News uncovered how these women have used the Japanese government's protection to keep their children hidden. FBI warrants, Interpol notices, U.S. custody decisions - none are recognized or enforced by the Japanese courts or law enforcement, leaving the fathers essentially helpless when it came to exercising their parental rights once the children were kidnapped to Japan.

    Tags: abduction; Japan; United States; children

    By Abbie Boudreau; Sarah Netter; Thomas Gubar; Jonathan Banner

    ABC News


  • Whose Children Are They?

    "Focus on Children, a Utah-based adoption agency, is accused by the U.S. government of tricking Samoan parents into giving up their children for adoption and falsely telling American parents they are orphans." The reporter traveled to Samoa to track down families that were affected; she found adoption agency recruiters exploited the families' religious faith, as well as bribed them with cars.

    Tags: foreign relations; adoption; kidnapping; Latter Day Saints

    By Lisa Rosetta; Kirsten Stewart

    Salt Lake Tribune


  • Where Do They Belong?

    This 20/20 investigation delves into human trafficking in Cambodia to supply babies to adoptive parents in foreign countries. They discovered that many children were sold by impoverished parents or taken from them under false pretenses and then marketed as orphans to potential adopters. The story includes an interview with Lauryn Galindo, who was convicted of fraud, money laundering and tax evasion in 17 cases related to the adoption scandal.

    Tags: adoption; fraud; Cambodia; human trafficking; kidnapping; orphanages

    By Elizabeth Vargas;Alan Goldberg;Joanna Breen;Deborah Apton;Asher Levine

    ABC News 20/20


  • Innocents Abroad

    Parents have resorted to abductions, sometimes with violent consequences, in order to gain custody of their children because the international system designed to mediate such disputes is fatally flawed. Newsday documented cases in which parents hired mercenaries to snatch back their children from foreign countries. The reporter also documented cases in which, even when courts rule that parents have the right to gain custody of their children, a jumbled legal system often prevents of delays lawful transfers for years. There are more than 1,000 American children being unlawfully held overseas.

    Tags: abduction; custody; mercenaries; child recovery; parental kidnapping; Hague Convention on International Child Abduction; U.S. Borders; recovering abducted children; child custody; Hague Treaty; international custody; International Courts; Parental Kidnapping Crime Act; FBI

    By Thomas Maier

    Newsday (New York)


  • Stranger Danger: Testing Midsouth Children

    A reporter goes door-to-door disguised as a clown to test, with parents' permission, local kids' social savvy. When all of the children "tested" opened the doors of their homes to a total stranger, the report followed up with tales of missing children and tips for parents about how better to protect their kids.

    Tags: TAPE TRANSCRIPT abduction; kidnapping; exploited; John Wayne Gacy; murder Commission on Missing and Exploited Children

    By Kristin Hill;Josh Hans

    WHBQ-TV (Memphis, TN)


  • Parental abduction

    For seven months, WFTS shadows a private attorney and his private investigator as they track and recover kidnapped children.

    Tags: TAPE

    By Dawn Witt

    WFTS-TV (Tampa, Fla.)


  • Parents who 'kidnap': The hell moms and dads go through when ex-spouses snatch the kids

    U.S. News & World Report reports that "More than 350,000 children are "kidnapped" by a parent each year in divorce custody disputes. They are almost never charged with the crime of kidnapping, and most cases end up with minimal or no legal charges being filed. But the damage to the children can be just as severe as in the much rarer - but more publicized - instances where children are kidnapped by strangers."

    Tags: abduction police international custody dispute abuse recovery reabduction snatchback

    By Linda L. Creighton

    U.S. News & World Report


  • No title (id: 6913)

    Grand Rapids (Mich.) Press examines cases in which a non-custodial parent is denied visitation, Oct. 12 - 14, 1987.

    Tags: divorce court enforcement kidnapping parenting

    By None

    Press (Grand Rapids, Mich.)



    WMAR-TV (Baltimore) finds loophole in state law that could allow kidnappers of newborn babies to obtain legitimate birth certificates, making it difficult to prove who the natural parents are, Aug. 27, 1987.

    Tags: paige md kidnapping birth certificate tape

    By Randy Paige & Locke Winspear

    WMAR-TV (Baltimore)