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  • The Austerity Audit

    In 2013, the United Kingdom began its most radical welfare reform in a generation – a government program to severely reduce spending on working-age benefit payments. The Financial Times saw an opportunity to illustrate a human and economic drama and through data analysis, it revealed an estimated loss of £19bn a year in annual welfare payments that could disrupt families, communities and businesses across the UK. The FT Austerity Audit was the first media investigation to explore and evaluate the economic and business consequences of the historic welfare reforms. Guided by exclusive data research that revealed a wide variation in the impact of the cuts, FT reporters fanned out across Britain to produce a startling analysis that generated heated debate: some northern towns and cities would be hit five-times as hard as suburban southern counties. The FT published an ambitious, two-day series that generated buzz across social media and much debate in the UK political sphere. Its story-telling was innovative and expansive – with interactive graphics, video, photography and text combined in a custom-designed website. The interactive map was rich in detail and both easy and exciting to use.

    Tags: welfare; data

    By Chris Giles; Andrea Felsted; John Murray Brown; Sarah Neville; James Pickford; Kiran Stacey

    Financial Times (United Kingdom)


  • A Fall from Grace: A former Broadway actress turned war photographer -- and a life unhinged

    This article profiles acclaimed actress and photographer Jana Schneider. It shows how she worked her way into a successful career and then was driven mad by the atrocities she witnessed as a war photographer.

    Tags: Bellevue; journalism; photography; schizophrenia

    By Kit R. Roane;Gary Fabiano;Edward T. Pound

    U.S. News & World Report


  • The Shooter

    D Magazine profiles a young photographer who photographs junkies in suburban America.

    Tags: heroin; photography

    By Kimberly Goad

    D Magazine


  • The Dali Legacy: Fights and Frauds

    "The highly lucrative estate ('of the great Surrealist and showman-' Salvador Dali) consists of the worldwide rights to royalties on merchandise of all kinds associated with Dali's name, ranging from books and reproductions to neckties and hosiery, perfume and watches. The competing claimants are the Gala-Salvador Dali Foundation, which is recognized by the Spanish government, and the Demart Pro Arte company, founded by Robert Descharnes, who was Dali's secretary at the end of his life."

    Tags: art; estate; market; photography; royalties; merchandising; art dealers; frauds; licensing; Dali Foundation; prints; Spanish ministry of culture; diskette

    By Nicholas Powell



  • Lot Lizards

    KOCO-TV (Oklahoma City) uses a van and night photography to document prostitution at a truck stop; finds links to crack cocaine, Nov. 6 - 8, 1989.

    Tags: TAPE; Watkins; crack cocaine; truck stop prostitution; lot lizards

    By Watkins

    KOCO-TV (Oklahoma City)