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  • Iron Men of Overtime

    “Two sheriff’s deputies nearly tripled their pay through tremendous amounts of overtime, mostly teaching at a community college”. These deputies would work a great deal of overtime hours, over consecutive days and receive a large amount of overtime pay. After all this became visible, the sheriff put an end to overtime pay through the college, but at this point the deputies had already enhanced their annual pay for three years. Further, it increases their pension benefits for decades to come.

    Tags: law enforcement; police department; police academy; Michael Asmolik; Richard Flanagan Jr.; Kevin Walsh; income; time sheet

    By Michelle Breidenbach; John O' Brien

    Post-Standard (Syracuse, N.Y.)


  • St. John's Military School

    This KWCH investigation revealed a 10-year pattern of abuse at a Kansas military school. A tip from a former employee of the school prompted the TV station to FOIA police records, which noted 28 cases of abuse including boys being beaten with broomsticks, burned with lighters and kicked repeatedly. A related civil suit alleged staff negligence, and other discussions of abuse were found in an alumni chat room on the Internet.

    Tags: TAPE; TRANSCRIPT; military schools; military academy; military cadets; St. John's Military School

    By Nickie Flynn;Dennis Decker

    KWCH-TV (Wichita, KS)


  • Dallas Police Department

    These stories investigate the quality of officers being recruited by the police department. The reporters found that the police chief was allowing multiple chances for the recruits to complete training - something that is not common in large police departments. They also found that one of the officers was under investigation in a homicide, was fired and three years later was hired as a patrol officer.

    Tags: Dallas Police Academy

    By Holly Becka;Tanya Eiserer;Howard Swindle;Pam Maples

    Dallas Morning News


  • Partners in peril

    This series of articles tells the story of two rookie police officers who met and bonded in the police academy. Quickly earning the respect of their superiors, the two officers worked the most demanding shifts and made many arrests. Their ambitious attitudes got them assigned to a night shift in an unmarked car and into a surveillance job that would cost one of the officers his life.

    Tags: police; Chicago police

    By Robert Kaiser

    Chicago Tribune


  • "The Killer Cadets"

    In the early morning hours of December 4, 1995, a farmer driving along a desolate country road saw the body of a teenage girl on the ground behind a barbed-wire fence. The girl's face was nearly unrecognizable. One bullet hole was in her left cheek, another in her forehead. Within hours, police officers identified her as Adrianne Jones, a sixteen-year-old high school student from the town of Mansfield, southeast of Fort Worth. It would take months of work for police to track down her killers. They were two intelligent, promising students -- Diane Zamora and David Graham -- who had been admitted to the Naval and Air Force Academies, respectively, and were desperately, obsessively in love. David told police Diane told him to kill Adrianne -- who had a brief tryst with David -- in order to "cleanse" the impurity from their relationship.

    Tags: David Graham; Diane Zamora; Adrianne Jones; teenage murder; Mansfield

    By Skip Hollandsworth

    Texas Monthly


  • No title (id: 5443)

    Central New Jersey Home News uncovers extreme and abusive conditions at a police training academy after a recruit collapsed and died on the first day of physical training; despite police stonewalling, reporter exposed lack of standards for physical training in New Jersey police academies and flaws in death investigation, February - December 1987.

    Tags: None

    By None

    Central New Jersey Home News