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  • Voter Patrol

    The NEWS4 I-Team dug through more than 600 phone and email tips to break three major election stories before, during and immediately after the presidential election. About two weeks before the election, we asked viewers to tell us when they saw problems when they voted. The response was immediate. Our two-man team went through every tip and beat out the AP, the Washington Post, the Baltimore Sun, the Richmond Times-Dispatch and other local stations on the biggest election stories in our area. Our first story revealed absentee ballots sent out in Maryland were missing their second page, which contained the most contested ballot initiatives including legalized gambling, same-sex marriage and the DREAM Act. This story was picked up across the nation and led to statements made by the Maryland Governor and the various interest groups involved in the ballot issues.

    Tags: Elections; presidential elections; votes; presidential reporting; ballot issues

    By Tisha Thompson; Rick Yarborough

    WRC-TV (Washington, D.C.)


  • Sex Appealed: Was the U.S. Supreme Court Fooled?

    The author proposes that the U.S. Supreme Court was fooled into basing it's decision in Lawrence v. Texas on Right to Privacy grounds. But, Law says, those grounds actually did not exist because the arrests were invited. This discrepancy is important, because the Lawrence case set a precedent for privacy cases regarding same sex marriage, adoption, employee benefits, etc.

    Tags: court; judge; sodomy; homosexuality; same sex marriage; constitution; constitutional challenge; police; privacy; legal precedent

    By Judge Janice Law



  • What's Wrong With This Family?

    "Six million to fourteen million children nationwide live with a gay parent- a demographic so large that the phenomenon has been dubbed the 'gayby boom'." And as more and more homosexual couples adopt children, the laws preventing adoption continue to get tested. Barb and Carole have been together for 18 years, and have four year-old twins, Robby and Reese. Because Carole gave birth to the boys, she has legal status as their mother. However, Barb's plead to adopt the boys has been turned down by the courts, seering her simply as a non-biological parent who happens to be a partner in a same-sex couple. Despite Barb's involvement with the twins over the last four years, "she has no more legal right to her sons than a stranger, and less of a claim than Carole's immediate family." Family reporters looked into the court cases as well as family circumstances of homosexual families facing this dilemma.

    Tags: adoption; homosexuality; The Adoption Act; Defense of Marriage Act; same-sex marriages; custody

    By Caroline Tiger

    Philadelphia Magazine