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  • Sex Appealed: Was the U.S. Supreme Court Fooled?

    The author proposes that the U.S. Supreme Court was fooled into basing it's decision in Lawrence v. Texas on Right to Privacy grounds. But, Law says, those grounds actually did not exist because the arrests were invited. This discrepancy is important, because the Lawrence case set a precedent for privacy cases regarding same sex marriage, adoption, employee benefits, etc.

    Tags: court; judge; sodomy; homosexuality; same sex marriage; constitution; constitutional challenge; police; privacy; legal precedent

    By Judge Janice Law



  • Rude Boy

    Village Voice tells the story of a little boy, J.J., who terrorized his classmates and his teachers at P.S. 207 in Harlem. At the age of 8 J.J. forced two six-year girls to perform oral sex, and was charged with first-degree sodomy and first degree sexual assault. The boy liked to hit other children, as well as his teachers, the investigation reveals. Even though the boy was diagnosed with conduct disorder, supposedly related to his father's absence, the mother refused to acknowledge the problem and give him the prescribed medication. At last J.J. ended up in a group home in upstate New York, Village Voice report.

    Tags: children; schools; teachers; sexual abuse; mental health; discipline; family courts; Division of School Safety; social workers

    By Peter Noel

    Village Voice (New York)


  • Devaney Investigation

    WJAR investigates the arrest of Providence special education teacher Robert Devaney on charges of taking lewd and suggestive photographs and videos of some of his students. The series reveals that Devaney faces similar allegations in two other states and shows how he kept landing teaching positions even though he was accused of victimizing children. (June 1995)

    Tags: Ward; Menard; Karpeichik; Robert Devaney investigation Contest entry; Sexual abuse; Sodomy; FOIA; 12 pgs. TAPE


    WJAR-TV (Providence, R.I.)


  • No title (id: 12341)

    The Wisconsin State Journal investigates how slightly more than half of the reported sexual assaults in Madison, Wis., involved victims younger than 18. What is more shocking is that more than one-third of the reported cases were committed against children by children. (May 3, 1995)

    Tags: Dehli CAR Sexual assault Rape Juveniles Sodomy 2 pgs.

    By Dehli

    Wisconsin State Journal (Madison, Wis.)


  • Kids Molesting Kids: Juvenile Justice Breakdown.

    KPTV reports hundred of children sexually abuse other children in Oregon every year. Yet police, the courts and state agencies don't know what to do with the culprits. Psychologist say these children pose the greatest risk of growing up to be adult sex offenders.

    Tags: TAPE; rape; sodomy; sex; molest. juvenile; crime; court.

    By Lars K. Larson and Gordon T. Coffin

    KPTV-TV (Portland, Ore.)


  • No title (id: 6896)

    Washington Post details what is known and what is still questioned in the McMartin Preschool case, the Manhattan Beach, Calif., case in which a man and his mother were accused of more than 100 counts of sexual contact with children, May 17 - 18, 1988.

    Tags: daycare childcare sodomy criminal justice

    By None

    Washington Post


  • No title (id: 6595)

    The Buffalo News reports on sexual abuse in a state psychiatric hospital, augmenting an official state investigation, Jan. 19 - Nov. 16, 1989.

    Tags: Ciotta sodomy Western Orndoff rape

    By Rose Ciotta

    News (Buffalo, N.Y.)