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  • Selfpreservation

    A Chicago Tribune Magazine investigation looks at the identity theft, "the nation's fastest growing white-collar crime." The story focuses on the case of Elizabeth Knowles, "a talented woman with an exciting musical career and a handsome fiance," whose "financial identity was stolen and used to run up more that $100,000 in fraudulent debt..." Knowles' case is pointed out as exemplary of the "official indifference" so far, since government agencies have begun to intensify their anti-fraud efforts only recently. The article reveals that "credit-reporting agencies admit they cannot guarantee accurate records."

    Tags: credit; finance; consumers; crime; social security numbers; debts; law enforcement

    By Katherine Millett

    Chicago Tribune Magazine


  • The Conman Vanishes

    A Seattle man steals the identity of a dead man, Steven Heitman, and vanishes with $1 million, leaving behind a wife and child, two ski shops, an auto dealership, and his partners, two Microsoft millionaires. The con man's real name was James Rowe, who had scammed people not just in Washington, but Utah and California as well.

    Tags: stolen identity; scam; social security number; bank fraud; military records; bigamy; U.S. Marshalls Most Wanted List; embezzle; Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI); bankruptcy

    By Tony Dondero;Mike Ullmann;Clayton Park;Noel Brandy;Venice Buhain;Nathan Burstein;Jamie Swift

    Eastside Journal


  • Stolen ID

    KETV-TV "addresses the problem of stolen identity and how it can ruin a person's reputation and credit. It also describes how we and authorities tracked down the woman who stole our victim's identity and reveals the extent of damage done to many other victims across the country..."

    Tags: TAPE TRANSCRIPT forgery bad checks credit card theft crime credit reporting errors

    By Carol Kloss;Cathy Beeler



  • No title (id: 13958)

    This piece exposed the growing white-collar crime called "True Name Fraud." Without a person's knowledge, their name and social security may be stolen and their identity duplicated to steal thousands of dollars from stores, car dealers, and financial institutions. Experts believe millions of American s are victims of this fraud at a cost of three billion dollars a year. Identity can be obtained through stealing a wallet, rummaging through garbage, breaking into a locker or opening up a mailbox. Once the thieves have the social security number of an individual, a photo ID is made which enables them to obtain instant credit at stores, and open bank accounts with all correspondence sent to new addresses. It may take several months before an individual realizes they have been victimized and even years to clean up their credit record. (September 11, 1996)

    Tags: Wallace McGrady Lange Lichstein et al The credit con Contest entry 9 pgs. TAPE

    By None

    ABC News Primetime Live