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  • Techsploitation

    Techsploitation was a yearlong investigation by The Center for Investigative Reporting that examined conditions facing foreign workers lured to the U.S. to service the back end of America’s IT infrastructure. CIR’s investigation produced multiple text stories, as well as a television investigative report, and a graphic novel-style profile of a worker trapped in his job. The stories examined the ways employers wielded extraordinary control over temporary immigrant tech workers in a system one called an “ecosystem of fear.” The investigation focused on two main areas: How labor brokers providing Indian high-tech workers to American companies gamed a professional visa program, creating a shadow world that can turn a worker’s dream of self-betterment into a financial nightmare and how porous federal oversight has allowed even labor brokers caught abusing workers to continue to thrive, even obtain federal IT contracts.

    Tags: technology; foreign workers; labor

    By Jennifer Gollan; Matt Smith

    Center for Investigative Reporting


  • To Adopt A Child

    The story looks at the murky world of international adoption. The United States has long been one of the biggest participants in overseas adoptions. But over the last few years, as cases of fraud and corruption have surfaced around the world, the U.S. has clamped down on questionable adoptions. Since 2004, the annual number of visas the U.S. issues for international adoption has dropped by 50 percent.

    Tags: adoption; international; nepal; united states; corruption; fraud

    By Lisa Desai; Brenda Breslauer; Habiba Nosheen



  • Little Known Colleges Exploit Loopholes to Make Millions Off Foreign Students

    The Chronicle found numerous colleges -- most of them unaccredited -- exploit byzantine federal regulations, enrolling almost exclusively foreign students and charging them upward $3,000 for a chance to work legally in the United States. Enabled by lax state regulations, these colleges usher in thousands of foreign students and generate millions of dollars in profit because they have the power, bestowed by the U.S. government, to help students get visas.

    Tags: college; foreign; student; visa; unaccredited; college; university

    By Tom Bartlett; Karin Fischer; Josh Keller; Ryan Brown

    The Chronicle of Higher Education


  • Air Scare

    This series includes the breaking news of a terrorist bomber and the advancement of the story by CBS News. The terrorist bomber failed to “fully detonate the deadly ingredients of a powerful bomb on board a flight headed to Detroit from Amsterdam”. The deadly ingredients of the bomb were undetected by security screening in Amsterdam and he had an active visa through June 2010.

    Tags: Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab; US government; federal; Central Intelligence Agency (CIA); The Nigerian; Al Qaida; law enforcement; officials

    By Armen Keteyian; Pat Milton; Len Tepper; Michael Rey; Yvonne Halee; Emily Rand; Keith Summa; Rick Kaplan

    CBS News


  • "Document Dilemma"

    In a series of stories, a group of reporters investigates the illegal handling of passports and visas by criminals, the wealthy and the politically connected. Corruption and bribery often overshadow the legal process of global travel and obtaining citizenship.

    Tags: Visa; Fraud; Russia; Bulgaria; Macedonia; Moldova; Ukraine; passports; travel; forgery; bribery

    By Stanimir Vaglenov; Aleksandar Bozinovski; Dumitru Lazur; Vlad Lavrov; Stevan Dojcinovic; Roman Shleynov

    Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (Sarajevo)


  • Indentured Doctors

    Throughout the United States foreign doctors are being cheated out of wages, coerced into unfair contracts and being kept away from medically needy patients because their bosses are the ones sponsoring their visas. They work for medical residency and are allowed to live in cities and rural areas with shortage of physicians so long as they work full-time. The program was started by the government, but since its creation there has been little oversight to the abuse of the doctors.

    Tags: work visa; immigration; J-1 doctors; Pahrump; pediatrician; health care;

    By Marshall Allen

    Sun (Las Vegas, Nev.)


  • The Broken Work Visa System

    The American work visa system was found by BusinessWeek to be hurting American workers and undermining the strength of the American economy. The investigation contributed to a Congressional probe in the visa program, led by Senators Dick Durbin and Chuck Grassley, who are determined to pass legislation to overhaul the program and eliminate its widespread misuse.

    Tags: H-1B; skilled worker; specialization; Rochester Institute of Technology; temporary visa; immigration; outsourcing;

    By Peter Elstrom; Moira Herbst

    Business Week


  • Tech CEOs Lobby for Immigration Break Enjoyed by Baseball Stars

    "The story focused on how technology companies lobbied Congress to secure little-known visas for foreign-born employees. The tech industry was seeking immigration exemptions similar to those that professional sports teams receive for athletes."

    Tags: technology companies; visas; immigration exemptions; immigration; Senate immigration fight

    By Chris Frates



  • "Nuclear Security Problems: Los Alamos Lab Security"

    CBS News reporters uncover security lapses in Los Alamos National Laboratory, a U.S. weapons laboratory. In some cases the labs failed to check visas and passports of foreign workers, even after the 9-11 attacks. Two former employees were fired after trying to expose acts of fraud and mismanagement within the labs. The reports also showed that a large number of equipment and supplies were "missing" and/or "stolen," many of which cost thousands or millions of tax dollars. Reporters also exposed a misappropriation of even more tax dollars as some employees were discovered to have spent millions on "questionable purchases" for VCRs, trips to the spa, and diamond rings. One employee who was trusted with a million dollar a month credit line charged a $30,000 custom Mustang to the government credit card, and received no penalty for her actions.

    Tags: nuclear security problems; mismanagement; fraud; waste

    By Jim Murphy;Jim McGlinchy;Sharyl Attkisson;Allyson Ross-Taylor

    CBS News West 57th Street


  • Liberty in the Balance

    A comprehensive look at how the war against terrorism has led to unprecedented curbs on the civil liberties of Americans and immigrants. The Patriot Act and its results are intensely scrutinized.

    Tags: FOIA; Patriot Act; John Ashcroft; George Bush; terrorism; immigration; visa

    By Sam Stanton;Emily Bazar

    Bee (Sacramento, Calif.)