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Adding depth to coverage of election results

For help in the scramble to provide instant results and analysis -- all while sorting through close decisions on the local and federal level --  check out these resources for adding depth to your election night coverage, the day after stories and long range post-election stories. Also, check out our look at data-driven stories leading up to election day.

What's being done

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Previewing election day with data

How has data been used in advance of the election season? We've been looking for good data visualizations and data-driven reporting centered on the upcoming elections. Below is what we've found. Help add to our list by emailing suggestions to tony@ire.org or tweeting us @IRE_NICAR.

The Washington Post
The Post's 2012 election map shows what's still in play for the presidential, senate, house and governor races, along with a breakdown by income, race, urban vs. rural, marriage rigthts and swing states. 

The New York Times
The Times' Election 2012 package includes, among many other ...

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