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Free upgraded CartoDB accounts for IRE members

Today IRE is announcing a partnership with CartoDB to provide upgraded accounts free to IRE members, who can use CartoDB to analyze data and tell stories with interactive maps.

Upgraded accounts include features from CartoDB's paid accounts:

  • More space (about 100MB)
  • Private data tables and sync tables (for syncing external data sources that are updated at regular/irregular intervals)
  • 30% discount for any account upgrades

You must have an existing CartoDB account before requesting the free upgrade. Sign up for free here. To upgrade your account, email cartodb@ire.org with the subject line: "CartoDB upgrade".

IRE already has ...

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IRE Radio Podcast | Product of Mexico

We’re changing up the podcast this week and spending our entire episode on one story. IRE’s Shawn Shinneman talked with Los Angeles Times reporter Richard Marosi about his 18-month investigation into the working conditions of Mexican agribusinesses supplying produce to major U.S. supermarkets and restaurants. Tune in to hear Marosi discuss the reporting challenges he faced on the ground in Mexico.

Also on this episode: A 3-minute guide to mapping by former NICAR database library student Travis Hartman.

We’ll be bringing you more in-depth stories on future episodes of the podcast. If you have an idea ...

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National database used to report on hit-and-runs in Colorado

9News map of hit-and-run injuries 
Click here to view

It all started with an observation from 9News Denver investigative reporter Chris Vanderveen: Doesn’t it seem like there have been a lot of hit-and-runs in Colorado?

That started a year-long, joint investigation by 9News and Rocky Mountain PBS I-News that included analyzing electronic databases, getting police records from dozens of jurisdictions and poring over court documents.

We started with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System database to find out how many hit-and-run fatalities had taken place in Colorado during the most recent five-year period with ...

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IRE and Esri mapping fellowships awarded

IRE and Esri, the leading commercial publisher of geographic information system (GIS) software, have awarded 13 fellowships to attend Esri's annual International User Conference and IRE's mapping bootcamp.

Fellowships to the User Conference July 13-17 in San Diego were awarded to:

  • Leslie Griffy, Independent journalist
  • Chris Hanson, KTRK-Houston
  • Glenn Howatt, The Star Tribune
  • Ingrid Lobet, Houston Chronicle
  • Hoa Nguyen, The Journal News
  • Kori Rumore, Chicago Tribune
  • Haoyun Su, The Indianapolis Star
  • Lynn Walsh, E. W. Scripps Co.
  • Dale Willman, Saratoga Wire
  • Fedor Zarkhin, The Palm Beach Post

Fellowships to the mapping boot camp Aug. 8-10 in Columbia, Mo ...

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Getting shapefiles onto Google Maps

Since Google released its Maps API last year, the mapping mashup has emerged as the new trend in online media. Journalists, amateurs and Web developers have all hopped on board. And, for better  or  for  worse,  many  of  them  have spent  countless  hours  reinventing  the wheel.

Plotting shapes: Census tracts. School districts. Bike routes. If you’ve ever done it  by  hand  in  Google  Maps,  you  know how long it takes. As any geographic information  system  (GIS)  program  user can tell you, most of this information is already available in the form of shape-files, the spatial data source of choice ...

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Data highlights unequal FEMA aid distribution in Colorado

There is a staggering number of federal disaster relief agencies; about 70 in all. Every one of them descended on Colorado last September.

The rapid fall of seventeen inches of rain created home-destroying mudslides, swelled rivers to historic levels and killed at least eight residents. Our station and other media outlets scrambled to cover the chaos in real time. The stories were about human survival and devastating financial loss, but also about hope and faith in something greater.  

When the waters receded, our investigative unit refocused on a broader concept – financial aid.

There was no shortage of money coming in ...

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Behind the Story: How KDNK investigated gas spills on private property

Photo courtesy of KDNK

Oil and gas companies reported about 90 spills last year in heavily-drilled Garfield County, Colorado. Many of the leaks happened on private properties leased to drilling companies, said Ed Williams, a reporter at community radio station KDNK.

But when unsafe levels of dangerous chemicals like arsenic and benzene contaminated the land, landowners were sometimes left in the dark, Williams found.

While companies are legally required to notify landowners about spills, state spill reports don’t require them to document the property owner’s name. That’s made it difficult for regulators to enforce the law.

To ...

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IRE, Esri partner to offer fellowships for mapping training

IRE and Esri have partnered to offer fellowships to attend mapping training at the 2014 Esri International Users Conference from July 13-17 in San Diego or the IRE Mapping Boot Camp from August 8-10 at the University of Missouri-Columbia, Mo.

The users conference fellowships cover airfare and four nights lodging, and the boot camp fellowships cover airfare and three nights lodging. The users conference schedule includes attendance at the following events: Esri Business Summit (July 13) to learn about how international businesses are using advanced mapping technology: Conference Plenary Session (July 14); and hands-on training for journalists.

The application deadline ...

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Tableau announces Mac version to be released 'early next year'

At its customer conference this week in Washington, D.C., Tableau Software announced that a Mac-compatible version of its software would become available along with the newest version, Tableau 8.2, to be released most likely "early next year," according to the Tableau Public blog.

Tableau's public and desktop versions of its data analysis and visualization software have become popular in several newsrooms and have been demonstrated at the last several IRE and CAR Conferences. Much of Tableau's appeal for journalists is its ability to provide a user interface for producing interactive maps and data visualizations without requiring ...

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Assessing and mapping dangerous intersections, traffic fatalities in your community

A still image from the Orlando Sentinel's Blood in the Streets animated video.

By Scott Powers and Arelis Hernandez, the Orlando Sentinel

This past winter, after an Orlando Sentinel editor almost ran down a pedestrian for the umpteenth time – a moment which occurred about the same time that our breaking-news desk had to write its umpteenth story about a pedestrian who was, in fact, tragically run down – the realization finally sank in: Pedestrians and drivers are a really bad mix in Central Florida.

We had, of course, seen and written about numerous reports that came out over the years ...

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