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IRE23 Expected Sessions

Here's a look at some of the sessions we're planning for #IRE23 in Orlando. Algunas sesiones se repetirán en español. (Some sessions will be repeated in Spanish.)

Please note that this list is preliminary and subject to change.


Panels & Demos


Equitable news gathering and reporting, exposing systemic inequities
  • Investigating LGBTQ+ issues in the criminal legal system
  • Investigating transgender homicides
  • Investigating algorithmic harm: Best practices and hard-learned lessons 
  • Who’s it for? Bringing investigative stories to the communities we cover
  • How to build a pipeline of talent and quality journalism in your community
  • The case of Florida: How disinformation directly targets Latino communities
  • Investigating Indigenous communities 
  • Digging deep into anti-trans legislation, locally and nationally
  • Investigating forced labor in the United States and abroad
  • Broad lens: reporting on human rights abuses
  • How to SLAPP Back and introduction to Reporters Shield
  • How to investigate the local impact of global organized crime. 
  • U.S. audiences and their changing demographics demand quality international news, so how can we meet these emerging needs?
  • The year in international investigations 
  • Investigating private equity’s impact on the healthcare system
  • Digging into corporate misconduct
  • Hidden costs and racial inequality in economic development
  • Investigating business and finance
  • Creating a pipeline for journalists of color in leadership
  • Being a player-coach
  • How to lead in times of crisis
  • Editors roundtable: The next generation of investigative journalists
  • Pre-publication red flags for editors
Public records
  • Creating a newsroom FOI coach/evangelist
  • Secrets hidden in plain sight: Decoding 990s 
  • Court records are filled with untold stories: A PACER deep dive
  • Navigating the federal FOIA & how to overcome barriers and find success
  • 7 things you didn’t know about getting documents and records
  • 50+ records to request right now
Tools and tech
  • Tools to help you break into audio and video reporting
  • Demo: Wayback Machine, TV News Archive, Internet Archive
  • Free, easy data viz
  • Cool new tools demo
On the beat
  • Using data to uncover how climate change is affecting your city, and how officials are responding
  • Reporting tips and tools for covering immigration in your local community 
  • Investigating transportation
  • Navigating reporting on the mental healthcare industry
  • Investigating prisons
  • Investigating inequities in education
  • Investigating big ag
  • Investigating judges and the courts 
  • Investigating housing policies that perpetuate the wealth gap 
  • You need a disability beat: The stories and audiences we miss
  • Investigating religious institutions
  • Reporting on a military base near you
  • Investigating water quality
  • Following the money in college sports
  • Finding inequities in access to higher education
  • Infiltrating government agencies
  • Police accountability: From data to narrative
  • Investigating inequities in health care & the COVID-19 pandemic lingering impact
  • Investigations for campus coverage
Reporting and writing strategies
  • Solutions story ideas for investigative journalists
  • Using narrative writing in your investigative journalism
  • How to transition from daily reporting to writing a book
  • The final fact check
  • Making the pitch: Selling your editor on an investigative project
  • How to find and work with sources who are reluctant to share their stories
  • Pitch-in for pitches
  • Storyboarding your investigation
Election coverage
  • Covering elections in an “off” year
  • Backgrounding politicians
  • Covering local elections 
Broadcast track
  • Show & Tell - in English & Spanish
  • 60 ideas in 60 minutes
  • Anatomy of an investigation: Planning investigative pieces (start to finish)
  • Building the investigative powerhouse and getting a job there
  • Art of the interview: Getting sensitive sources to talk
  • Investigating breaking news
  • Investigative scripts that sing
  • The journalism juggle: Balancing daily and investigative reporting
  • Sources: How to get 'em, how to keep 'em
  • The art of accountability
  • From boring to blockbuster: Visualizing the non-visual investigation
  • 10 most important lessons I've learned
  • Right on the money: Consumer investigations that count
  • Covering the inevitable: A mass shooting in my market
  • Behind the badge, beyond the bench
  • Teamwork makes the dream work: Collaboration for increased exposure
  • Lightning talks
Other sessions include
  • Detrás de la historia
  • Visual investigations
  • Investigating junk science 
  • Projects being done by student investigative journalists
  • Funding investigations
  • How to background people in an hour
  • Investigating child welfare
  • A year in local investigations: Watchdog stories ideas
  • Freelancer secrets: How to be get paid for doing good investigative work
  • What's next? Making career moves, big and small
  • Why the fight against mis- and disinformation needs collaboration to succeed - here’s how we can work together
  • When story subjects push back
  • Early-career roundtable
  • How does showing off our journalistic standards make our audience trust us more?
  • So you want to do an investigative podcast? 
  • The unique challenges of telling the investigation for the ear
  • Educators roundtable: Best practices for teaching 
  • How to make it as a freelancer in investigative journalism
  • Trauma-informed reporting
  • How to build a trauma-informed newsroom


Pre-registration classes

These sessions require pre-registration and an additional fee to reserve a seat.

Reporting and writing strategies
Broadcast track

Hands-on skills training

  • Accessing data for your news stories on
  • Google Sheets 1: Getting started with spreadsheets
  • Google Sheets 2: Formulas & sorting
  • Google Sheets 3: Filtering & pivot tables
  • Google Sheets 4: Advanced pivot tables
  • Google Sheets: Using string functions to manipulate data
  • Google Sheets: Importing and data prep
  • Google Sheets 1: Getting started with spreadsheets (repeat)
  • Google Sheets 2: Formulas & sorting (repeat)
  • Google Sheets 3: Filtering & pivot tables (repeat)
  • Web scraping with Python
  • Data analysis with Python
  • R 1: Intro to R and RStudio
  • R 2: Data analysis and plotting
  • R 3: Gathering and cleaning data
  • Converting PDFs to data
  • Using OpenRefine, a power tool for cleaning data
  • Scraping without programming
  • An introduction to mapping with QGIS
  • Finding needles in haystacks
  • Investigating business and finance 


  • Journalists of color
  • LGBTQIA+ journalists
  • Students
  • Educators
  • Women
  • Freelancers
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